Benedict Cumberbatch might not come back as Sherlock in its fifth season. The British actor recently teased about a female Sherlock. This comes after the casting of Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor Who.

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While a new series of Sherlock is yet to be confirmed, Cumberbatch has spoken to Radio Times about the future of the show and answered every question with a 'maybe'. Asked if he would return as the titular character in the series, the 41-year-old actor remained tight-lipped.

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Asked if he thought if a woman could take over his role in the future, the Doctor Strange actor said, "Why not? I don't care. Sherlockina - it's coming to you soon."

The series 'might' come back, as hinted by the Sherlock actor. "And I would love to be a part of that!"

"The show is such a gem of a series. It is a real page-turner. When I used to get the script come through, it would be like a little present!" he further added.

Speaking of Jodie Whittaker portraying the role of Doctor Who, Cumberbatch earlier told BBC, "It's an alien - why can't it be a woman? Why can't it be any gender? I think she's an extraordinary actress and we're lucky culturally to have got her to agree to do it. Just go for it - let's see what happens."