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DC fans will be rejoiced to know this that it is being reported that Netflix's Triple Frontier star Ben Affleck will be back for Justice League 2. It looks like Ben Affleck won't play the young Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves' The Batman movie but could reprise his role in DCEU's next Justice League 2 movie.

Warner Bros. and DCEU are currently looking for a young star to portray the role of Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Matt Reeves' The Batman movie. There have been several names who are making rounds online to become Batman but the studio has not finalized anyone yet.

That being said, it is now being reported that Ben Affleck is apparently not done playing the role of the caped crusader. In an earlier Variety article, it is written that "Ben Affleck will be portray the Dark Knight once again in the announced Justice League sequel."

The above statement has a grammatical error so it might be possible that the information provided by the outlet is a mistake.

Even if this is some sort of inside news then this is the first time when a major publication has stated that Ben Affleck will reprise his role of Dark Knight. Ben Affleck himself stated that he is not going to play the role of Batman in Matt Reeves' upcoming superhero movie. On Jimmy Kimmel's talk show, Argo movie star stated the following:

Ben Affleck as Batman
Ben Affleck as BatmanFacebook / Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

"I tried to direct a version of it and worked with a really good screenwriter but just couldn't come up with a version — I couldn't crack it and so I thought it's time for someone else to take a shot at it. They got some really good people so I'm excited."

In the last couple of years, Ben Affleck portrayed Bruce Wayne in a number of DCEU movies. He first starred as Bruce Wayne aka Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He later had an uncredited cameo in Suicide Squad. Following which, he starred in 2017's Justice League along with Aquaman's Jason Momoa, Man of Steele's Henry Cavill, and Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot.

As of now, it is not confirmed whether we will get to see Ben Affleck in Justice League movie sequel or not but if he reprises his role, then it would be astounding to see how he is going to bring back all the superheroes together to fight the ultimate villain.