Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's divorce has been a topic of discussion ever since the couple announced that they have decided to split officially. Many reports suggest that the couple maybe reconsidering their decision and are working it through by attending counselling and spending time together.

But, many others have said that there's no hope for reconciliation as the "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" star is reportedly linked with his co-stars. And amidst all this, it's not just Jen and Ben who are getting affected, Ben Affleck's mother is also apparently ashamed of these scandals.

Recently, Daily Mail had reported that Ben Affleck is not interested in reconciling with his wife as he is getting attracted to his "Live By Night" co-star Sienna Miller. The two of them have been apparently spotted holding hands on the set during a break. A few photos show the two sharing close moments and having fun together.

"Ben's had Sienna in his sights for a while. They're really flirty on set. Right now Ben just wants to keep things casual so he can concentrate on his children. He's not looking for anything serious, and neither is Sienna, so the timing is perfect," a source said.

But this is not the only co-actor that the "Dardevil" star is rumoured to be dating. According to Star Magazine (via Celeb Dirty Laundry) Ben Affleck is reportedly secretly hooking up with Abigail Kuklis as well. The report said that Ben actually never stopped cheating on Jennifer Garner as he was seeing Kuklis, who plays a brief role as a flight attendant in "Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice", behind her back.

"Ben and Abigail began seeing each other on the sly. They have spent time together on both coasts. Ben and Abigail are keeping it light and breezy, they're just having fun together," a source said.

A couple of weeks ago, the 43-year-old actor was linked to his "Pearl Harbor" co-star Kate Beckinsale. The actress also recently announced her divorce from her husband Len Wiseman.

Well, amidst all these rumours and accusations, it is Ben Affleck's mother Christine Boldt, who is feeling ashamed of this divorce scandal and has been pushing Jen and Ben to attend couples counselling. According to a report, all these allegations and dating rumours are making Boldt furious. And she is apparently on Jennifer's side.

Now, only time will tell if Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner will take Christine Boldt's word of advice on reconsidering divorce.