Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne nude pictures leaked onlineBella Thorne (@bellathorne/Instagram)

Bella Thorne is back at it again. The actress bared it all on social media again. Reportedly, Bella Thorne was recently forced to leak her own nudes after a hacker tried to blackmail her.

It was a move by Bella to retain her power, but not everyone thought so. One such person was Whoopi Goldberg, who shamed Bella for taking such pictures in the first place. But it looks like the ordeal hasn't stopped her from baring all.

Bella Thorne is letting people know that she can't be shamed. The actress and author of the newly released book of poetry The Life Of A Wannabe Mogul took it all off for Instagram. It doesn't look like she is going to let any nude pic hacker controversy stop her from expressing herself. 

Bella Thorne
Bella ThorneInstagram/Bella Thorne

Reportedly, in the new pic, Bella is sitting cross-legged and nude, but her legs are strategically placed to cover all her private parts. Bella captioned the pic with a poem from her new book: "I'm sorry for the words I said, I'm sorry for the monsters stuck under my bed I'm sorry for those stary faithful eyes I'm sorry their [sic] nothing but demise to me. I'm sorry my breaking point was onsite
I'm sorry we'll never have another night. I wish there was a brighter night, Not this dark one that only bites. Where ever u are, I hope there's a star above u that's bright that outweighs all of your dim lights. U don't have to come looking for me I'm always to ur right. #thelifeofawannabemogul."

Bella Thorne is no stranger to risque snaps or getting criticised, and this recent post shows that she won't let haters get in the way. And we have to say, you go girl. The pic looks tasteful despite its nudity. It makes her look vulnerable even. You can check pout the pic here: