bella meme
Bella Hadid 'Sneaker Shopping' with Complex.YouTube screenshot

Bella Hadid has been labelled the freshest face to look out for, and has also earned the honour of walking down the Victoria's Secret runway. But looks like she has just gained the biggest honour of all, by becoming the meme of the year.

In what was considered the most awkward interview ever with Complex, Bella Hadid spilled some iconic millennial lingo. And as expected, the internet had a blast, trolling her for her excessive use of words like "dope", "fresh", "quiet" and "homeboy".

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The interview was a part of Complex magazine's "Sneaker Shopping: series, and most netizens believe that saying Bella sounded all sorts of bizarre would be an understatement!

Bella and her sister Gigi are no strangers to taking the internet by storm by often sporting trends that are considered cultural appropriation. But this time the 21-year-old seems to have taken it a bit too far as her choice of words in the segment has been criticised majorly.

Cringeworthy and inauthentic are just some of the reactions to remarks social media has come up with. The question asked was simple: What she likes in a guy's footwear. Bella answered it rather... strangely, saying his shoes have to be "fresh".

"If homeboy is coming through with these, it's quiet," she claimed very awkwardly. For those as unaware about the usage of "quiet", guess she meant it wouldn't have much of an impact.

She added: "Yeah, no, it's quiet for him." She continued: "But if he comes through in, like, these — you got some Air Maxes out here, you got some Jordans — homeboy is going to, like... get it."

Watch the exact bit of the interview that went viral on Twitter and gained the most attention, here:

This is also the particular tweet that boosted the video's reach all over Twitter, and the rest is just history.

From bizarre show choices to timely application, the memes peaked in all their wholesome glory!

And lastly this iconic one:

Bella later explained in her interview that love for sneakers is something that binds us all. "Basketball, rappers, models — everybody kind of comes together and makes the sickest shoe they possibly can." 

Safe to say, sneaker enthusiasm and of course her becoming the latest meme has indeed bound a lot of people!

Catch the full Complex interview here: