The Belgian royal family, one of the most influential families in the world, has finally decided to address the world in English for the first time, along with the traditional German, French and Dutch languages. The Belgian Monarchy website has not only been anglicised, but it now also features new tabs that will allow fans to get to know the royal family better. 

Fans will get a better idea of King Philippe, Queen Mathilde and their children Prince Gabriel, Princess Eleonore and Prince Emmanuel, as well as their duties and responsibilities.

The Saxe-Coburg Gotha family, currently better known as van België, de Belgique, or von Belgien, is sworn to bring about social improvements in Belgium and keep in touch with the citizens. It is in the spirit of being closer to the public and expanding their reach that the royal family has improved their website to feature English as one of the languages.

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The new and improved website also features a "For Children" section, wherein an interactive cartoon will help curious children learn more about Belgium's history and the royal family.

"A day in the life of The King" features a detailed itinerary of King Philippe on a normal day. It says that the King personally drives his four children to school before heading off to work. The tab also explains what are King Philippe's duties and how he deals with the issues at hand. Other tabs like "The King, the Queen and their Family" and "Working in the Palace" also help people get a better understanding of the royal family.

The website also features rare and adorable photos of the royal family that fans can see. Check out the new and improved Belgian Monarchy website here.