Faheem Bhat
Faheem BhatPR Handout

From being a novelist to becomig a successful managing director of Lieper Publication, Faheem Bhat came a long way. Last year, when the author turned entrepreneur decided to establish Kashmir's first self-publishing house, the challenge looked very difficult and almost gloomy at the beginning.

"I was often been told that this isn't a good idea. Focus on your writing career" said Faheem.

Faheem went on and invested the peak time of his career in making his self-publishing house 'Lieper Publication'

"We have a small space to work with when it comes to the readership here. But we worked hard and the results are clear. Our books are doing good business not only in India but other countries like U.S.A, U.K, Canada" said Bhat.

Barely months of existence of Faheem's Company 'Lieper Publication' started growing enormously and crossed all the borders of start-up publishing house even from a conflicted place like Kashmir. Lieper Publication Pvt. Ltd is currently a prominent and powerful self-publishing house in Kashmir.

Bhat's publishing houses tagline also got changed after a few months in business. It used to be "We turn writers into Authors" and now it is "Kashmir's first and fast-growing self-publishing house"

Faheem says that he or his team never do sweet talks with the author. "We have certain packages from lowest Rs 16,000 to highest which we offer to the author and whatever package the respected author picks we give equal commitment," he said.

"I have seen sir working 15 hours a day. He is the person who leaves office sometimes at 11:00 which isn't common in Kashmir. He is kind of strick when it comes to the company materials quality. It's his leadership skills that we are making a brand," his manager said.

Faheem has also self-published his own book from Chennai back in 2017. It was titled as 'Wandering For Love' which was a best-sold novel and a seed to everything he has right now.