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Bebe Rexha teased her fans with quite the sultry snap recently. Reportedly, the singer has made it a priority to push body positivity on social media.

Bebe, who boasts almost 10M Instagram followers, took another stab at spreading the message. The blonde beauty was seen flaunting her backside as she modeled a bathing suit while saying 'every body is beautiful.'

The full caption read: 'Wanted to give you a little real nAss on your timeline today. Love you #BootyByGod #everybodyisbeautiful.'

Apparently, the singer has been criticized in the past for sharing sexy images. But the crooner argued that it's her right. 'If I want to be sexy, I'm going to be sexy,' the star said. And we have to say that we agree with her, what she does should not be anybody's business. Besides, it does seem like Bebe is trying to use her reach for good. 

Bebe Rexha
Bebe RexhaBebe Rexha Official Instagram (beberexha)

And since Bebe is no stranger to risqué snaps, this might not be the only snap we see from her going forward. Speaking of risqué, in an interview with US TV show Extra, the star confessed: 'I take risks. I'm not scared ... even when I started in the industry and I had $600 in my bank account.'

Pics and social media aren't the only thing Bebe takes risks on, she confessed that she is a confident gambler as well, she revealed: 'I was losing, losing, losing. I put in my last $100 bucks and hit the machine and it starts going crazy and I end winning like $1,800. So I took that $1,800, take $500 out of the $1,800, that leaves me $1,300.'

Well, we hope Bebe continues to take risks and continues to tease fans with images promoting body [positivity. You can check out the pic here: