After the massive success of Master, Vijay collaborated with Nelson of Kolaaavu Kokila and Doctor fame. The duo has collaborated for an action packed hostage thriller in which Pooja Hegde, who had started her career with Jiiva's Mugamoodi, plays the female lead.

Beast Review
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The movie has Selvaraghavan, Yogi Babu, Aparna Das, VTV Ganesh, Redin Kingsley and others playing the female lead. Beast has Anirudh Ravichander's music. His 'Arabic Kuthu' and 'Jolly o Gymkhana' songs have stuck the chord with the viewers, already.

The film has Manoj Paramahamsa's cinematography and R Nirmal's editing.

Beast Story:
The movie tells the story of a ex-Raw officer being captured by terrorists as one of the hostages in a mall. The challenging for him is to foil their plans and prevent the government from releasing a terrorist in prison.

Fighting his own inner battle, Veera Raghavan (Vijay) leaves his profession after a mission to capture a most-wanted terrorist. He now finds himself in a situation where is at a mall captured by terrorists. They demand for the release of the terrorist, who was sent to prison by Raghavan for a big personal price.

Reluctant Veera Raghavan decides to handle the situation. Whether he succeeds in the mission or not forms the crux of the storyline.

Beast Movie Review:
The first half of the movie is entertaining while the second half is average. The movie has a lot of whistle-worth moments, but let down by poor presentation and comedy. Overall, it is a time-pass film.

Check out what netizens say about Beast Review:Audience Response:

Laxmi Kanth: 1st half positives:
- #Thalapathy - One man show
- Arabic kuthu song..
- Action sequences (Intro)
- Comedy (Occasionally)
- Ani's BGM

- Weak Villains
- Selvaraghavan - Minister portions
- No Seriousness of the Hijack situation..

#Beast 2nd half - Short yet Strictly average with only saving grace as #ThalapathyVijay's screen presence. Scenes were so random &
@Nelsondilpkumar's screenplay was messy.. Red box comedy.. No Strong Villains.. Sathish & Minister irritates.. Climax.. Could've been better..


Prashanth Rangaswamy: #Beastreview will be long. It will be blunt , and it will cover every positive and negative point.
It will contain spoilers, because gotta explain some scenes .
Annan @selvaraghavan
A solid role. Never felt that he is one of the top directors of Kollywood. Easy and natural acting.
VTV Ganesh - Saves us many many times.
The production value - what were they thinking ? This a movie involving the top most hero, not a TV show.

Ramesh Bala: #Doctor comedy actors are there..
But #Doctor level comedy was not there..
U can watch it for #ThalapathyVijay Mass , his comedy timing, dance and #BeastModeON action sequences..
Among supporting actors, @selvaraghavan stands out..
#VTVGanesh is the best among comedians..
@anirudhofficial music top notch..
#ArabicKuthu Theater therikkuthu..
@hegdepooja looks gorgeous..
She has some good scenes with #Thalapathy
Has rocked in dance/songs.. A good outing for her..

Rajasekar: #Beast - I loved the action choreography of
@anbariv duo, one of the best choreographed action sequences in recent times for an
@actorvijay film! Grand making, okayish writing!
A passable action thriller from @Nelsondilpkumar
. #ThalapathyVijay is in top notch form but the second half takes a detour in comparison with the entertaining first half. Vijay's one man show amplified by @manojdft's grand visuals&
@anirudhofficial 's fantastic score!
Fantastic first half with @Nelsondilpkumar 's trademark humour and #ThalapathyVijay's powerful screen presence . So far so good...the action sequences are lit
Stunning moves by Thalapathy Vijay in #HalaMathiHabibo is a treat to watch! Fans asking for once more Easily one of the well choreographed songs of Vijay in recent times!
@hegdepooja and Vijay chemistry

Siddarth Srinivas: Nelson's stronghold in his first two films was the comedy, but surprisingly, he has chosen action over everything else here. The absence of strongly written characters & driving forces (except Vijay) are downers. VTV Ganesh is the one delivering laughter!
One thing that the film delivers fully is the action porn. Every stunt sequence is superbly choreod, shot and edited along with
@anirudhofficial's powerful score that largely sticks to one theme but is good enough. Slow motion shots on point!
A decent action entertainer. Has a highly stylized and entertaining first half but the second half is just about average, with the fanboy moments superseding the actual logic in the storyline. Worth a watch for one man - #ThalapathyVijay!
Mind you, #ArabicKuthu is worth three repeats on big screen. Didn't see #ThalapathyVijay dancing so well in the last few years, superb job by
@AlwaysJani and he should be fixed as the choreographer for the next 3-4 films. Of course,
@hegdepooja looks like a million bucks! #Beast
The film benefits big time from its action sequences, especially the opening sequence which is an absolute beauty.
@manojdft sambhavam - the cinematographer picks fantastic angles for the film and makes it look really big though largely limited within the mall!
Interval: Banger! A super entertaining film so far packed with jaw-dropping action, jolly comics and some pulsating music. A full-blown commercial package from
@Nelsondilpkumar led by a kickass #ThalapathyVijay. All guns blazing!

Haricharan Pudipeddi: #Beast works as an ultra stylish #ThalapathyVijay film but not so much as Nelson film. The stylised action supersedes Nelson's brand of comedy which I dearly missed. Nevertheless, you get a solid entertainer and action sequences that you'll remember for a while.
#Beast at interval. Solid fun with some well executed action sequences a terrific #ThalapathyVijay who oozes swag in every frame. Mall sequences are well set up and we're in hopefully for a banger of second half.