Mahika Sharma
Mahika SharmaPR Handout

Model and actress Mahika Sharma, popularly known for achieving the Miss Teen Northeast award opined that India would become "truly republic" when the masses would get the right to elect judges of the Supreme Court.

"We are not truly republic as, the appointed honourable members or judges at Supreme Court are not elected by us. SC is the supreme power in the country. So the members should be elected by us, as in whom the citizens of the country believe in for justice. Electing the ruler as government is also required but SC is a must," Mahika said in a statement.

Mahika, who has been referred as 'Daughter of Assam' said that sometimes the apex court takes too long to decide on cases which allows the accused to distort proofs.

"I am happy and thankful that SC till the date has always given the best functioning and justice. But at times the functioning was very slow. Many cases are still running where the long time gap helps the criminals to wash off the proof. I personally understand that the courts don't function as we see them doing in the virtual world of cinema. At the end, I just feel that every state should elect two members between whom they want to see taking chairs at SC and this way from every state we can get two members to be held as sanctioned judges at SC. The nation can elect the Chief Justice of India. SC should be 'of the people, by the people, for the people'. This way our country can be truly republic," she added.

"At times people protest for some real causes. To Talk talk about my birth town Tinsukia, Railway crossing in the midtown is troubling the lives of people. The 90's engine gives out polluted smoke and creates annoying noises. It creates lots of traffic as well as leads to a number of minor and major accidents. But there is no one to help out the poor citizens. The time they come out protesting, they are beaten up by the force. Is this the freedom we talk about? We are truly not a republic as at times the Indian police is no less than the Britishers. They are brutal too," she said.

Mahika has said Modi is the man whom every one is depending on. "Children to the elderly citizens of the country are keeping an expecting eyes over PM Modi. We are struggling but happily accepting the changes he is bringing with the hope of better tomorrow, [sic]" she concluded.

Mahika has earlier took stand for bringing prostitution to an end.