Nirbhaya's tutor Satendra
Nirbhaya's tutor Satendra.Youtube Screenshot/BBC Documentary India's Daughter

The BBC documentary, which stirred controversy across the nation, has now come under another attack as the gangrape victim Nirbhaya's friend and sole witness of the assault, Avanindra Pandey, has called "India's Daughter" fake.

"The documentary is unbalanced as the victim's viewpoint is missing. The facts are hidden and the content is fake. Only Jyoti (Nirbhaya) and I know what happened on that night and the documentary is far from truth," Pandey told IBNLive.

He went on to claim that he never knew that Nirbhaya had a tutor named Satendra and questioned his statement on the conversations between the two friends ahead of the movie, asking "... how does he know which movie I wanted to watch on that night."

The tutor in the documentary had said, "Avanindra Pandey wanted to watch an action film while Jyoti wanted to watch 'Life of Pi'".

Claiming the documentary to be fact-less and misleading, Pandey, like several others, said it not only affected India's reputation adversely, but also questioned the law and order of the nation. He then appealed that a censor board should be set up for documentaries too.

"... The documentary made fun of emotions and questioned the law and order situation in our country... (It) showed that any individual can enter the Central Jail of our country and can interview a criminal," Pandey said.

"India's Daughter" caught attention across the world for the prison interview with Mukesh Singh, who was one of the six convicts in the 2012 gangrape incident.

Talking to British filmmaker Leslee Udwin for the documentary, Mukesh had remarked that a girl is more responsible for rape than a boy and that decent women does not roam around late at night and instead stay at home doing household chores.