Fights, quarrel, a verbal war of words is common in Bigg Boss house, and each day we witness some or the other drama unfolding in the house. Tonight Bigg Boss 14  will witness an ugly fight between Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaik which is expected to raise the inmates' temperatures. The two would be seen fighting over task-related issues but they wouldn't hesitate to drag their personal lives into it. 

Rahul and Rubina's verbal spat leads to targeting personal life

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The promo for Tuesday's episode shows Rahul telling Abhinav that he did not save Rubina and cannot be trusted. Rubina gets furious and takes on Rahul and says that he should not use anyone's personal relationships to highlight his performance. The two have to be separated by other contestants as their arguments heat up.

fight between Rahul and Rubina

Rahul says, "Ye biwi ka nahi ho sake, Kisi aur ka kya Hoga Bhai (he couldn't be loyal to his wife, how would he be loyal to anyone else)." Rubina loses her cool and replies him, "Tu Kaun hai certificate dene wala, tere mein to himmat nahi hai ki apni partner ko is show me lekar aaye (who are you to issue a certificate, you do not have the guts to bring your partner in the show)."

"Tu Ghatiya hai saale", adds Rubina. 

Abhinav pushes Rahul, and the fight gets physical  

Abhinav Shukla comes in between as a peacemaker and rescues Rubina and pushes Rahul away. Other contestants also join them to avert a physical fight. Aly Goni cames out in Rahul's support and fights with Abhinav for pushing Rahul.

Mastermind Vikas Gupta discusses with Devoleena about hiding Sonali's survival kit

Vikas, who re-entered the house, discusses with Devoleena about hiding Sonali's survival kit given to all the contestants by Bigg Boss. Sonali is furious and inquires who has taken the stuff from her kit. When Aly says he heard Vikas talk about it, Sonali tells the latter that hiding things from the survival kit are against the rules.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant is hungry  

Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant is suffering from a severe bout of hunger. She is seen munching on the last remaining bites of her banana. In fact, she even contemplates eating the banana peel! At the same time, Bigg Boss places juicy burgers in front of the housemates in the area they cannot access.