Bigg Boss 13 was one of the most popular seasons of all time. Even though the show ended in February fans can't get over the contestants and the bond they shared throughout the season.  This season of BB saw a lot of actors coming out of their shell and speaking their hearts out. From violence to abusing, the season went overboard with everything.

Remember the famous fight between Madhurima Tuli and her co-contestant Vishal Aditya Singh?  Madhurima who comes across as a docile and shy person made headlines when she hit Vishal with a frying pan. This lead to a lot of chaos and controversy. However, all's well that ends well. With times passing by, the two seem to have buried the hatchet.

In an exclusive conversation with BB 13 actor Madhurima Tuli, she spoke about her journey post-Bigg Boss, her equation with Vishal Singh and how she is spending her quarantine time!

Madurima tuli

Excerpts from the Interview:

Life post-Bigg Boss 13

Mahurima Tulu

I am glad people have liked me and accepted me. The joruney was good. Whatever happened at the end wasn't planned, it just went with the flow. So I wasn't keen on going to the Bigg Boss house. I was watching the show and I liked it, it was quite youthful and when I was offered I said yes. Vishal wasn't the reason I took up the show. In fact, you must have seen initially we didn't even speak to each other.

On losing cool at Vishal Aditya Singh and hitting him

Madhurima and Vishal in Bb 13

I am basically a very calm and composed person but the person instigated me. He irked me to the extent that I lost my cool. He threw water on my face and that was totally unacceptable. I just couldn't take it. Mistakes happen we are all humans. I don't regret doing anything but yes things do get ugly at times.

On her current equation with Vishal Aditya Singh

Madurima and Vishal

We do text each other sometimes. Nothing more than that!

Would she get into a relationship?

After whatever happened I will think 10,000 times before I get into a relationship.

Qualities she looks for in a guy

The guy should be caring, loving and most importantly should be respectful. I think respect and understanding are of prime importance in every relationship.

 On how she is spending her lockdown days

I am watching a lot of web shows. Currently, I am watching on Fauda on Netflix,  I am also doing yoga and mediation it helps me calm my mind. I am dancing as well.

 On upcoming projects

On the web, something is happening but the content is very crucial so we are trying to figure things out. I am hoping that by the mid of this year it should come out.

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