Battlefield Hardline
Battlefield Hardline has more than it meets the eye

The newly released Battlefield Hardline makes a detour off the usual war shooters out there and has set up the game in a more suburban environment with a cop-robber drama gracing its storyline. And the successful layout of such a drama is also based on the number of different in-game modes that have been presented this time around.

We have already talked about the Blood Money mode for the game, which you can check out here. This time, however, we are focussing on the other Crosshair game mode which, to be perfectly honest, isn't really simple and not everyone's cup of tea. The mode requires intense planning, coordination and skilled players in your team.

Besides, Hardline comes with a number of similarly aggressive in-game modes for players to take note of. This includes the likes of the tremendously rewarding Hotwire (for ranking up), the new Heist mode (highlighting the cops versus criminals scenario) and the all-new Rescue.

Battlefield Hardline: What's Crosshair All About?
Similar to the Rescue game mode, Crosshair also consists of two different teams, made of five members each. The mode involves one team trying to extract a player controlled VIP, while the other team tries to stop them. The mode has two extraction zones, so the ones with the VIP can keep pose a bigger challenge for their opponents. The team trying to stop the extraction will only need to kill the VIP to win the game, apart from simply eliminating each other. The first team to record five wins out of nine possible rounds will be the overall victors.

Battlefield Hardline: Play Crosshair as VIP
If you are the VIP yourself, or have a VIP to extract, note that getting to one of the extraction points without getting killed wins you the game. In fact, even if the team dies, the surviving VIP can still make it to the extraction point to win the game. Playing as the VIP requires intense coordination with your team and making your move, judging on how good your team is in thinning out the enemy numbers. You should be able to deduce your team's real steel from the first round itself and plan your moves. It would be almost senile if you decide to head into the fire fight all guns blazing since all you have is a Bald Eagle at your disposal.

Battlefield Hardline: Kill the VIP in Crosshair
If you are in a team that's not necessarily extracting a VIP, know that your only aim here is to kill the VIP to stop the extraction from happening in the first place. It doesn't matter if your entire team has been wiped out by the enemy (except you), it only requires for you to kill the VIP to win the round. You could kill all your foes before the VIP can extract and you will be the winner. Even if the other team is boasting still-alive members, just take a shot at the VIP. You might get killed in the action, but your team will earn a win. This is something very similar to the Terrorist mode for Counter Strike.

Battlefield Hardline: The Nitty-Gritty
There are a few things that you should remember, irrespective of whichever team you may be on. For the ones extracting the VIP, it's best if you fit a suppressor to your primary weapon since the noise of gunfire can draw the other team. Also, it's better if the VIP keeps the shooting to a minimum since the Bald Eagle isn't the most silent weapon out there. Also, similar to every other mode for Hardline, the Zipline and Grappling Hook are wonderful options for the team trying to extract.