Batman Arkham Knight
Batman Arkham Knight will be released in 23rd June,

Rocksteady's upcoming game Batman: Arkham Knight will equip Batman with a new gun. Named as The Disruptor, the gun will help Batman explode his enemies' weapons and jam their guns while they target Batman.

The new weapon can also rig weapons to shock the enemies who try to arm themselves and tag vehicles with tracking devices for Batmobile pursuits.

Detailing the Disruptor's capability, the developer community details the new weapon will empower Batman with better tactical flexibility in any engagement before the war begins.

"Before combat, the Disruptor can be used to jam the weapons of an opponent, buying Batman precious time to gain the advantage and land the first attack. In Predator scenarios, the Disruptor can be employed to target various enemy devices by rendering them inactive, or even turning them against their owners," writes RockSteady.

The Disruptor will be equipped with a long range scope for allowing Batman to set up control with higher accuracy from the rooftops of Gotham city. Additionally, the weapon will feature an array of upgrades with their own advantage to empower Batman against enemies.

The Disruptive was also recently spotted in the Batman: Arkham Knight Official trailer video. Batman: Arkham Knight, the third and final episode in the Batman series, is tipped to release on 23 June.