Fancy Easter Eggs are not strange to videogames these days. In fact, every other game that is released comes with its own special Easter Eggs, safely hidden for fans to suddenly stumble upon. And as you may have already found out by now, Rocksteady's recent Batman title – Batman: Arkham Knight – isn't any different.

While Easter Eggs and hidden details are abundant in Batman: Arkham Knight, it seems a new one has just been unearthed by a fan. YouTube user 'Batman Arkham Videos' recently posted a video that shows players how to unlock a secret event just by tweaking the date.


However, there's a catch. In order to unlock this newly found secret event, players should have completed the man-bat side-quest line. Once man-bat has been locked up at GCPD, players will be able to access the event just by changing their console or PC date to 31 October, 2015, which obviously is Halloween.

Once the changes have been made, when Batman is grappling to reach the top of buildings, players will encounter yet another jump-scare, similar to the first time when man-bat was introduced.

After the jump-scare, the player can head back over to GCPD to see what happened. There, players will find that the containment cell glass has been smashed open, confirming that Dr. Langstrom has undeniably changed back into his man-bat form and has escaped the facility.

You can try out the event yourself, and it seems to be working for everybody. However, if you still haven't been treated to the second jump-scare, you can always check the video below.

This is certainly a cool little trick that's been hidden safely in the matrix of the game and makes us wonder whether there are more such events in the game that can be unearthed going forward. Well, only time will tell.

Have you come across the man-bat secret event while playing Batman: Arkham Knight? Did you try out the changes and does it work as promised? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Twinfinite]