In the latest episode of "The Bastard Executioner" titled "Blood and Quiescence / Crau a Chwsg," it seems Wilkin and Milus will join hands to embark on a risky mission that may endanger their lives.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Wilkin and Milus lead an unlikely band of brothers on a life-threatening rescue mission.

The mission is not like what Wilkin, Milus and their soldiers are expecting. They will have to hunt down Luca's kidnapper, who is a priest.

Wilkin visits Annora when he gets the news of Luca's disappearance. However, Annora reacts in a different manner that Wilkin didn't expect.

Annora reveals to Wilkin that she knows about the kidnapping and that the kidnapper was a priest. Wilkin is angry with her for not telling him about it earlier so that he could have avoided all the extra efforts he made.

However, Annora mistakenly reveals something more. Just when Wilkin is about to exit her room, she addresses him as "my son."

Surprised, Wilkin is unable to respond and immediately exits. However, this new revelation is surely going to affect him on his new mission.

Though he is willing to go on the rescue mission, he is not very comfortable with Milus who is also joining him on Lady Love's orders. Whether they will save Luca and return from the mission safely, will be seen only in the next episode.

In the previous episode titled "The Bernadette Maneuver/Cynllwyn Bernadette," Ventrishire encountered an old French foe as Wilkin gained new insights into his holy destiny.

Wilkin found out about his origins as Annora told him that a nun had tried to kill him when he was a baby by drowning him, but Wilkin was saved by a mysterious knight.