Fans are going crazy, brands are going nuts and it's almost like COVID never struck and everyone's happy after ages. The wait is now finally over. Fans had to endure 131 painful days their most loved sport —baseball.

Check out some of the tweets and reactions below:

"Fans felt lost and abandoned. There was plenty of doubt. But now, sports are back. Today specifically baseball. 60 games. 30 teams. One champion. It's time." feels Kyle Cannillo.

"Baseball is back and Taylor Swift is releasing a new album. It kinda feels like 2019 today and I'm HERE FOR IT," writes an excited, Olivia Duggan.

Baseball is back and how
Baseball is back and howIBT

"Baseball is back AND a new T Swift album all in the same day?!?! Wow. 2020 is shaping up to actually be........ Nope. Nvm. Still sucks.," opines Ben Verlander.

"Final regular-season game. Parents night. Pleading face Looking back at years of pictures, countless trips wins, losses, friendships, learning experiences, ugh it really is bittersweet. You are so fun to watch on the field! Looking forward to tournament time!," wrote a fan.

"Baseball is back for real today. PGA, NASCAR and MLS have been up and running for a short time. Some much-needed entertainment for many in the age of COVID," says an excited Andy Hershberger.

"We did it!!!!!!! The wait for actual sports that counts is over!!!!! Baseball is back tonight!," feels Justin Lever.

"Real baseball is back today. Just giving you a reminder that the Yankees haven't won a World Series in over a decade," rubbing it in, Steve Perrault.

"There's a sports thing happening today I hear. But it's not Hockey or Football..... So .. That being said... Baseball fans I'm happy your sport is back," says Mindy Explores.

"After 7 months, my dream has finally come true. Baseball is back. Tonight, y'all!!" writes Erin.

"Since MLB is starting back up, I thought I'd share this image from a baseball game during the 1918 Flu Pandemic." tweeted Sam.

Baseball game during the 1918 Flu Pandemic
Baseball game during the 1918 Flu PandemicTwitter User | Contact for credit inclusion

"Even though this season is different, I can honestly say I've never been so excited for opening day. Baseball is back baby," feels Matt Wojo.

"Baseball is back today!!! And I am praying to the science gods that it doesn't become a COVID disaster," says Krista Conelly.

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