Debit card
Representational image.Reuters, a major financial marketplace, launched India's first flash sale for credit cards.

The flash sale will span two weeks starting 12:00 am on 21 June, 2015 and end on 4 July 2015, Saturday. It will present exciting offers for credit card applications submitted on 

The flash sale brings applying for financial products within the purview of shopping. The consumer gets a plethora of options, a hassle-free shopping experience and sales/discount benefits all with a click of the mouse. 

While already addresses core consumer needs by offering lower EMIs, reducing paperwork and broadening the bucket of choices available, this flash sale adds instant gratification and enhances the consumer experience with wide range of offers and amazing gift vouchers with every credit card purchase.

The ongoing e-commerce revolution in the country has been offering consumers a simplified shopping experience as they can buy anything online, right from groceries to consumer durables to even property. 

However, financial products such as credit cards have been a 'low involvement' category due to stringent processes involving extensive documentation of applications, assessment of creditworthiness and approval structure.

On the other hand, getting approval with speed, ease and transparency, along with instantaneous decision-making opportunities are compelling hygiene factors for a time-and-choice-starved consumer. fulfills all these market needs and gives banking a smarter online platform.

The flash sale promises to delight, with an attractive offer in store – an E-Gift Voucher worth Rs 1,500 upon approval of the credit card application by the respective bank.

To be eligible to participate in the flash sale, one has to apply for a credit card between 21 June, 2015 and 4 July, 2015.

Also, the maximum allowed time limit for the credit card approval from the respective bank is 10 August, 2015 to be eligible for the flash sale E-Gift card benefit.