A truck with a registration number from Tamil Nadu burns on the streets of Bangalore.IBTimes

Film celebrities, cutting across language barriers, have requested the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to maintain peace. Their appeal came after violent protests broke out across Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka on Monday, Sept. 12 after the Supreme Court modified its Sept. 5 order and asked the Karnataka government to release 12,000 cusecs of water to Tamil Nadu.

The latest ruling triggered violence across the Garden City and parts of Karnataka and the attack on a Kannadiga driver in Rameswaram fuelled the anger.,To ease the situation, curfew has been imposed in sensitive places, including in Kamakshipalya, Vijayanagar, Rajgopal Nagar, Byatarayanpura and Kengeri in Bengaluru.

The protesters targeted Tamil Nadu registered vehicles and set ablaze over 100 vehicles in parts of Karnataka. Schools, colleges, shops and business establishments remain shut on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

Film Celebs bat for peace
Meanwhile, many film personalities from Tamil, Kannada and Bollywood have requested to maintain peace. Below, we bring you their comments:

Khushbusundar: attacks on ppl in TN who hail from Karnataka is absolutely ridiculous..same goes wid those from TN in Karnataka..crazy..stop the violence.
let's not forget our TN CM also a hails from Karnataka jus as our very own Superstar..failure of govts at both ends needs 2 be amended.
we need to stand by each other..we belong 2 different states but one country..let us not get divided..let us find reasons to unite..
"Athithi Devo Bhava".. let's not forget this..violence will never solve a problem rather create more problems..Cauvery belongs to INDIA..

Madhur Bhandarkar: The natural resources of the nation belong to every citizen irrespective of any boundary.Please maintain peace and respect law #CauveryIssue

GV Prakash Kumar: #KaveriIssue let peace prevail . Hope the national administration sorts this soon
#KaveriIssue ..violence is definitely not the way to solve this . Let the state administration handle it . This will make things worse

Mohan Raman: None of these actions will get anyone water but only Blood. Please stop.

Kichcha Sudeep: #RequestPeace .Wats being damaged is th peace of 'our' state.Yes Justice needs to be done N I'm sure there WIL B ways to get there. Peace pls Pls Spread Peace.. Im sure th concerned wil surely do thr best to get justice,,tat our state deserves... Situation needs to calm down n justice is required.But this will only further delay everything.Request all not to tweet any provoking lines

Sanjjjanaa galrani: Government will do there best in solving the #CauveryIssue ,lets all behave matured,educated & staycalm,it's scary to see banglore burning.

Ramesh Aravind: Gandhis 'An eye fr an eye leaves the whole world blind' is the best eye opener fr nw.Violence on any side is condemnable. Being angry is OK but violence is no no.Parents running scared with kids on our rds!Our own ppl are suffering bcos of our anger.Peace Pl.