Bajaj motorcycle ltd.
A worker walks beside newly built motorbikes at the Bajaj Auto Ltd. plant in Pune, about 130 km (82 miles) from Mumbai August 9, 2007.Reuters File

If the emerging reports are anything to go by, Pune-based two wheeler maker Bajaj Auto will name its new executive segment motorcycle brand as Bajaj Champion. Bajaj's new brand codenamed 'Brand X' is expected to include models ranging from 125 cc to 150 cc.

A MotorOctane report claims that Bajaj Auto will launch the first motorcycle -- a 150cc model -- under its new Champion brand in March this year and this will be followed by a 125cc motorcycle launch. The 150cc motorcycle of the new Champion brand is expected to use the same engine as that of Discover. However, that will be re-tuned for better fuel efficiency.

Although the details about this new brand and the motorcycles are scanty at this point of time, rumour also has it that the company will sell the new range of motorcycles alongside the current Discover range.

Additionally, Bajaj Auto is also planning to scale up the sale of its Discover series of motorcycles in the executive segment to 70,000 units per month from the current 20,000 units per month.

Bajaj Auto has called for a press event on 1 February and the general consensus is that this could be for the unveiling of the new brand. Rumours are also ride that Bajaj is likely to roll out its much-awaited Pulsar CS400 in the country on 1 February.