Bajaj Auto has released the findings of the investigation into the alloy wheel breakage issue, which was linked to the Pulsar RS 200 incident earlier last week.

A Facebook user had reported that his Pulsar RS 200 met with an accident after the bike's alloy wheel cracked when he applied the brake hard, causing serious injuries to him and his wife.

The user had also posted images of Pulsar RS 200 after the accident, which showed the bike's mangled wreckage.

Taking note of the incident, the Pune-based motorcycle maker had earlier stated that a team of company executives had been sent to the workshop in Mumbai to analyse the user's vehicle.

Now, the company has released its 'conclusive' report, which says the accident was the result of 'high speed side impact'.

The detailed report released by Bajaj after the investigation said, "The breakage of the alloy wheel was caused by a side impact of a rigid object on the front tyre and rim at a speed of approximately 80 kmph from the right hand side.

The high speed side impact broke the alloy spokes and caused the front fork to bend to the left. The direction of forces on the wheel are clearly borne out by visible marks on the front wheel rim and distortion of the front fork," as quoted by Motoroids.

The report added: "The rider had claimed that the wheel rim broke under hard braking. Had this been true, one should have seen the fracture initiation from the front of the spoke & end at the back of the spoke. The fracture is from right side to left. Hence it can be concluded that this is a clear case of side impact."