Terrorists launched an attack on a police unit in Bahrain on Tuesday, killing two policemen. 

Bahrain's interior ministry said through its official Twitter account that two policemen were killed and 3 seriously injured in a bomb blast in Sitra. The area is said to have a considerable Shia population, according to AFP. 

Bahrain has been taking security precautions following Isis bombings in Gulf countries in recent months that have targeted Shiite Muslims.

Five other policemen have also suffered injuries in Tuesday's attack, according to the Bahrain News Agency

Bahrains' state news agency has reported that the explosives used in the attack on the police was similar to those recently smuggled into the kingdom from Iran, according to Reuters. 

Bahrain announced last week that it had arrested two of its nationals accused of receiving explosives, automatic weapons and ammunition from Iranian handlers.

One of the arrested had also reportedly rreceived military training at a Revolutionary Guards camp in Iran, Reuters said. 

Bahrain has often accused Iran of aiding extremist Shiite groups in the kingdom who have carried out several attacks in the recent past. 

Relations between Bahrain and Iran took a turn for the worse after the former recalled its ambassador to Tehran following 'hostile' statements from Iran. 

The recently concluded Iran nuclear deal is expected to raise tensions between the Shiite nation and its Gulf neighbours.