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Popular K-pop group EXO's Baekhyun is making headlines again for the wrong reasons. He came up with an apology on February 14, his second public apology till date in 2018. This time, he regretted publicizing a commoner's number who he thought was a 'sasaeng' fan( an obsessed fan in Korean).

Recently, Baekhyun revealed a non-celebrity's phone number during his Instagram live, mistaking him for one of the fanatic fans. It turned out that the owner of that number was not even a fan of EXO and didn't even know how many members are in the boy group.The poor person ended up receiving lots of calls and messages of hate, cursing and more from fans all over the world, according to Allkpop.

"I heard Baekhyun called out my number but I don't know how many members EXO has. It's not this number TT," the person said.

"I don't know his phone no. (number) Pls stop the call. [sic] I'm not the fan."

After this incident, many netizens criticized Baekhyun for being highly irresponsible and for dragging an innocent person into this mess, according to Allkpop.

"He should be grateful he has stupid fangirls at all who allow him to make millions a year. Stop whining about sasaengs. You can't expect popularity and freedom at the same time. You're making more money than your talent's worth and you should be grateful for it," one said.

"That's really careless of him, now all the people with similar numbers are going to get a ton of hate," another said.

Baekhyun, upon realizing his mistake, has taken to Instagram again today, officially apologizing for what he did.

"Please stop calling. He/she is unrelated to a sasaeng fan, so I ask you. Please do not contact this uninvolved individual under any circumstance. No sort of contact at all. I beg of you. I hope that no additional victims will suffer from my mistake. And please, do not call me either," he wrote in his Instagram post.

But EXO's die-hard fan club EXO-L will of course not let this one slide. Hence, angry fans have lashed out at those who have criticised Baekhyun on social media.

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This is not the first time Baekhyun has apologized for something like this in public as previously, he had expressed regret for his opinion regarding depression. He had stated that he doesn't know why people get depressed.

This incident took place when the late SHINee member, Jonghyun had just committed suicide apparently because of depression and it had been an extremely sensitive topic for his loved ones and fans.