The Bad Girls Club Season 15
The Bad Girls Club Season 15Facebook/The Bad Girls Club

Many fans of "Bad Girls Club" have decided to quit Season 15 after last week's disastrous episode in which two new women who joined the house were hazed. In the wake of these threats, though, two more girls are entering the house in episode 4.

This news especially has the viewers questioning why the producers would bring in new girls after last week's incident and why they are replacing two girls that left with four others. On the other hand, though, fans are hoping that the new girls would be better people that the current ones.

There is obviously a backlash after the events of episode 3 where the women tried to prank the new inmates. However, the so-called prank went a little out of hand and definitely bordered on hazing, which is illegal in the United States.

Meanwhile, half of what happened in the prank was not even revealed in the episode because it was blurred. The women who want to appear on reality shows sign release forms and the fact that the producers decided to blur it, proves what happened was irredeemable.

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Here are some comments fans of the show have left on the official Facebook page of "Bad Girls Club:"

Shelby Anne: "SO disgusting. They should have all been removed from the show immediately. This season started off good but these girls are scum. Not sure who's worse, the girls or production. [sic]"

Cesar Tupac: "Completely lost respect for everybody in the house after that. No matter who went harder on the new girls, that was just wrong. This season just died for me. #Bye [sic]"

Macien Gorry: "That was not a prank, that was an ambush, an aggressive one that was obvious would turn violent. A prank would be to put salt in their coffee, to add vinegar to their shot of Tequila. To put shampoo in their conditioner. Not ambush and attack before they even go through the door. The producers should have shut that down immediately! [sic]"

Shaylee Wrisner: "I'm disgusted that Laura excused their behaviour because they were just trying to haze the new girls, which hazing is illegal. I'm so over these girls. can we PLEASE just have a whole new 8 girls. Christina and Angela are annoying as hell. Grow up. You're crying cuz you had to wait to take a shower. [sic]"

Will "Bad Girls Club" be able to shed this bad reputation in the coming episodes? Find out when Season 15 episode 4 of "Twisted Sisters" air at 8 p.m. (EST) Tuesday, April 5. You can also live-stream the episode via Oxygen website.