Back to the Future, Part II
'Back to the Future, Part II' sets Wrong Predictions on 2015: FuturistsFacebook/Back to the Future, Part II

As we welcome 2015, it is quite obvious that human imagination is way ahead of schedule when compared to the advancement of science and technology.

When the film "Back to the Future, Part II" was released in 1989, it took the viewers through 2015 and introduced several new technologies, such as video glasses, self-drying jackets, flying cars, hoverboards and self-tying shoes.

Though 2014 was considered as the year of wearables with the introduction of new textile technologies, flying cars and self-tying shoes are yet to be developed.

While futurist Michael Rogers believes that there are big barriers in making a flying car, the editor of The Daily Telegraph Adrian Berry said that it is possible to make computerised self-flying car, reported News Weeks.

On the other hand, the founder of Future Exploration Network Ross Dawson stated that AeroMobil can be considered as a flying car.

Apart from technolgical advancements, "Back to the Future, Part II" also portrays a happy and friendly future with "cool consumer goods", but the world is still struggling with several aspects of life, including automation of jobs and bad weather, according to futurists.

However, as per Dawson "Back to the Future, Part II" is a fictional film with "inherent jokes of a certain kind" and it cannot be considered as future predictions.

But Joe Alexander's conspiracy theory "JFK and 9-11 in 'Back to the Future' –Hidden Messages in Plain Sight", explains how the film resolved John F Kennedy assassination and warned about the 9/11 terrorist attack through several symbolic messages and gestures, such as the reenactment of the president's death in the movie with a spark containing his severed head, the clock tower as well as the "Twin Pines Mall".

Watch the video of "JFK and 9-11 in 'Back to the Future' –Hidden Messages in Plain Sight" below: