The Bachelorette Season 13 is inching towards its finale and next up is the hometown dates, where Rachel Lindsay will meet the families of her final four contestants.

Bryan Abasolo, Dean Unglert, Peter Kraus and Eric Bigger are Rachel's final four, and according to Reality Steve, Abasolo is the finalist. He is reportedly engaged to Lindsay and they are expected to get hitched sometime next year.

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Monday's episode will detail the hometown dates and we'll see Eric taking Rachel to Baltimore's rough neighbourhood where he grew up. We'll see Eric explaining "the obstacles he overcame to go to college and achieve his career goals."

During her visit to Bryan's hometown in Miami, Bryan will take Rachel to the Calle Ocho, where the couple will attempt to salsa dance, play dominoes and sample some tasty street food. "However, there are dark clouds looming as Rachel is fearful of not getting Bryan's mother's approval," teased ABC.

As for Peter, he's still a bit guarded with his romance "and the Bachelorette's revealing talk with his mother makes her unsure of what to expect from her sensitive suitor," the network said in a statement.

The last date will be Dean's and we'll see the suitor opening up about his strained relationship with his father, who is a Sikh Kundalini yogi. Apparently, Dean's father has provided him with very little love after his mother passed away from breast cancer when he was just 15.

The Bachelorette
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo.Instagram/The Bachelorette

Sadly, he will be eliminated after the hometown dates, revealed Reality Steve.

"Shaken by this gut-wrenching and heartbreaking ordeal, Rachel doesn't have much time to gather herself and take the remaining three men to Rioja, Spain," ABC revealed.

The Fantasy Suite dates will take place in Spain, following which Eric will be eliminated from the competition.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC.