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Looks like the fifth episode of "The Bachelorette" will have lots of intense drama in the offing. From the promo, it is quite evident that Becca and the gentlemen will be travelling to Las Vegas this week for a group date. It also looks like Wills will get alone time with the lady but Chris tries to steal the romance away. Despite Becca's polite refusal, Chris insists on having a chat talk with her. Though irked, Wills acts as a gentleman and gives two minutes for the duo.

However, Chris keeps on making excuses and pushing the time—well, an intense drama is expected from the duo. Meanwhile, in the earlier promo, it looks like Jordan and David will have a major confrontation in the upcoming episode. Jordan, the model with a penchant for hot pants, seems to be unhappy with David's attitude. In the promo video, he says, "David is not a distraction, David is not an intimidation." Meanwhile, David states, "Jordan is an idiot. I can't wait to send this clown home."

A voiceover narrates, "Two men. One rose. Who stays? Who explodes?," without giving ut any suspend elements. Meanwhile, the feud gets intense at one point. "Being me is my greatest power. Being you isn't your greatest power, that's why you gotta talk about m***** You're worse then Arie!" Jordan screams at David.

It is quite clear that the makers are taking a two-on-one route to boost their viewerships. Last week, we saw Becca Kurfin eliminating five contestants in two separate rose ceremonies. Banjo Player Ryan, Man-Bun Mike, Nick Spetsas, Christon Staples and even Jean Blanc have been shown the doors for faking love proposal. With lots of twist and turns, it would be interesting to see how things turn up on Monday.

Watch out this space for the all the exciting twists and turns on the show. "The Bachelorette" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.