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"The 100" season 5 is gearing up for a thunderous battle. After much wait, the seventh episode revealed few startling discoveries on Wonkru's battle plans. Both Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) have finally learned about. Echo (Tasya Teles) is still a spy (betraying Morgan despite his friendship) in Diyoza's (Ivana Milicevic) camp.

Meanwhile, when Madi (Lola Flanery), who has currently joined hands with Octavia's army, was under threat, viewers got the glimpse of the so-called 'Dark Clarke.' However, it would be interesting to know what will be Madi's stand when she takes the lead as head of Wonkru. In addition, it looks like more trouble pops up to Abigail (Paige Turco) and Marcus (Henry Ian Cusick).

On the other hand, episode 8 is titled "How We Get to Peace." The official synopsis reads, "Clarke's determination to protect Madi puts Bellamy in an impossible position."

The upcoming episode is likely to be intense and full of confrontations. From the promo video, it looks like Clarke and Bellamy will form an alliance with Diyoza's army to protect their people. However, Clarke is also willing to sacrifice anything to protect Madi from Octavia. Well, that looks like there will be more rift coming up between the sisters. Looks like Bellamy will have to make an impossible choice.

Meanwhile, the next episode will focus more on Paxton McCreary, who is held as a hostage by Emori and Murphy. If the move is to threaten Diyoza, then we wonder how far the plan is likely to execute. Also, Marcus has given an ultimatum to Abby—to choose between him or the drugs. Abby has to make a firm choice this time. The recap video also shows Kane delivering a speech to Abby, which states "There'll be a place for people to gather, debate ideas until you recognise that we're all just people. All this will ever be is a battlefield."

'The 100' airs on Tuesdays on The CW.