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The latest promo of "The Bachelorette" episode 4 assures a ton of action ahead. Ever since the show began, there has been a lot of drama, deception, and tears. In the last episode, we saw David injuring his face after a fall. In the upcoming episode, it looks like David is all set to make a comeback and the team, for the first time, will be flying outside Los Angeles for dates.

With Clay's exist following an injury, it looks like Becca has to eliminate two members, as the last episode ended just before the rose ceremony. Well, that means Becca would be sending off this week's castoffs on Monday. But there is a shocker on the show—a newly released promo shows Becca will be deceived by one of the contestants.

The video begins with a voiceover asking, "How much can one Bachelorette take? Fast forward to Leo, who says (without giving away the deceiver's name), "She's gonna think, 'who's been deceiving me?'"

In the end, we can also see an angry Becca saying, "I feel so disrespected. If anyone else can't be honest, then I don't want you here."

Well, that looks like there is some serious up ahead in the next episode. Moreover, from the earlier recap and promo videos, it is quite evident that Becca will have an intimate private conversation with Blake and Jordan.

Following the rose ceremony, Becca and her men will fly to Park City, Utah for another round of dates. And Garrett will get the much-anticipated alone time with Becca. A series of leaked images show the two going on a bobsledding adventure followed with a concert by Granger Smith.

According to Reality Steve, Garrett gets the rose on the date and there are predictions that Nick, Christon and Jean Blanc will be on the elimination list in Utah.

"The Bachelorette" airs on Mondays at 8 pm on ABC.