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Sources close to Corinne Olympios have finally opened up about the Bachelor in Paradise misconduct scandal that has resulted in Warner Bros suspending production of the dating reality show.

Olympios apparently claims that she was drunk and in a blackout state when she got intimate with DeMario Jackson in a pool, and she is now blaming producers for not protecting her.

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According to a TMZ report, the day after her rendezvous with Jackson, her fellow cast members told her about what went down and they are believed to have voiced concern to people on the production crew. But the crew did not interfere even though Olympios was in no position to consent to sexual activity, the website noted.

Olympios doesn't blame Jackson as he was also too drunk, but she has reportedly made up her mind to take legal action against Bachelor in Paradise producers.


 Flaws make you flawless

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Meanwhile, Ryan Beckett, a contestant on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, revealed that drunken hook-ups are common, but producers usually step in if contestants cross the line. "It's not unprecedented that people would get drunk and hook up on the show — it happens all the time," Beckett told People.

"People drink like they were in college or on a cruise. They go out and they drink more because they don't have to drive, they're on vacation. I think people indulge more a lot more than they normally would," said Beckett. "We'd just go up to the bar and order a margarita or whatever. So it was always available, but it definitely was never forced on us."

Production of Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 has been suspended as Warner Bros continues its misconduct investigation.

Find below a video of Corinne on Ellen: