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"The Bachelor" contestant Kelsey Poe's panic attack in the previous episode of the dating reality show has fans wondering if she is genuine.

Calling the death of her husband an "amazing story," the 28-year-old dashed to "The Bachelor" star Chris Soules' room to secure a place in his heart by recounting her struggles post her husband's death.

To a certain extent she did manage to do that as Soules got emotional while recounting Poe's struggles with the other contestants, following which the cocktail party was cancelled and Poe had her panic attack.

Fans of the show were quick to flood social media accounts with negative comments for allegedly faking her panic attack. This prompted her to shut down her social networking accounts, but not before blaming the show for portraying her as a manipulative person. She reminded her fans the "power of TV editing" has made it seem like she was dishonouring her late husband, and added that it felt like "ripping the scab off an unhealed wound."

Meanwhile, show host Chris Harrison spoke about the incident with TVGuide, saying that Poe was almost glib about the tragedy while talking with the girls, and she seemed like a totally different person while interacting with Soules.

 "One thing I judge is how people are around the girls and then around Chris," Harrison said. "When she was talking to the girls and explaining her husband, she was very cavalier and almost glib about it. Then, she went into Chris' room and it was somber and it was sad and she was in tears. Those were two very different women speaking. She was so overconfident and when Chris let the cat out of the bag about their time together, it deflated her balloon. And when I said no cocktail party, she kind of freaked out and had the 'panic attack.'"

He also insinuated that the entire "panic attack" would have been staged, saying: "First of all, when we heard she was in the bathroom, her microphone was off. She came stumbling out... and then her microphone was back on. I'm interested to see what people think after you see the full spectrum of the whole panic attack and recovery next week."

"The Bachelor" starring Chris Soules airs Mondays on ABC.