Chris Soules
Chris SoulesFacebook/The Bachelor

Most reality shows are, in fact, staged and the latest to join the growing list of fake reality shows is "The Bachelor".

The dating "reality" show, featuring Chris Soules as the eligible bachelor, has come under fire after it was revealed that the scene where he was seen crashing a wedding with Whitney Bischoff was staged.

Spoiler guru Reality Steve wrote on his blog that everything was set up beforehand, and that the bride - Shannon French - revealed the news through an Instagram post. The post has since been deleted, but Steve managed to get a snap shot of it before it vanished.

Here's what the post stated: "The producers contacted our venue and asked about couples getting married in the fall. There were several to choose from but apparently we fit the exact profile they were looking for! They liked our age, story, and the theme of our wedding. Then, the producer "Facebook stalked" us, as she put it, haha, and then she saw that her and I actually had a mutual friend. Since that mutual friend is her best friend (he's literally officiating HER wedding this year!) she decided it was meant to be! Haha!"

Soules' and "The Bachelor" host Chris Harrison's repeated attempts to prove that the couple's attempt to crash the wedding was spontaneous have further raised doubts.

"We did an okay job of showing this, but you should know this was not planned and it was not our idea at all. None of this was set up by our producers and we didn't know those people at the wedding," Harrison wrote in his blog.

Soules, too, wrote about the wedding saying that the producers were initially hesitant to do it, as they had to figure out how to make the whole wedding crash scene work. But once they figured out the logistics of how to capture everything on camera, the crew did not hesitate, noted Soules.

If the wedding crash scene was indeed staged, it did manage to fool quite a number of fans. Ever since the episode aired, many have taken to their social networking sites to urge Soules and Bischoff to tie the knot.