Chris Soules
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Speculations on the contestant who would win over "The Bachelor" star Chris Soules has been doing the rounds even before the dating reality show aired a few weeks back. And thanks to blogger Reality Steve, the winner was revealed to be Whitney Bischoff, a fertility clinic nurse.

But soon, doubts were being raised on Steve's big reveal, especially after he said he didn't know who will be sent home each week. Although the blogger insisted that Bischoff was the winner, he admitted to making a wild guess with regard to the eliminated contestants.

"No, I do not have your episode-by-episode spoilers this season," Steve wrote in his blog. "Last week I guessed which five went home last night and got 4 of the 5. Not bad. As soon as I find out who got the group date rose, I'll let you know. I'm telling you, this is kinda fun this season figuring this stuff out later on in the game."

This admission had fans wondering if Steve was in the blind about Soules' final pick, noting that there was no chemistry between Soules and Bischoff.

But that changed on Monday's episode after Soules and Bischoff went on a one-on-one date and crashed a wedding, following which Bischoff said she could see him as her "future husband." Luckily, Soules, too, appeared smitten by her and said to the cameras: "It wasn't the date, it was her. I could absolutely imagine Whitney being my wife."

However, at present, Bischoff is not the only girl Soules has his heart set on. Yet another contestant who landed a one-on-one with Soules was Kaitlyn Bristowe, who, unfortunately, had to endure a gruelling grilling session from guest host Jimmy Kimmel.

"I specialize in making people uncomfortable," Kimmel explained, and asked about her feelings on Soules getting intimate with other contestants on his fantasy suite dates. Bristowe was mature in her reaction and said she would be okay with it saying one can't buy a car "without test driving it."

"The Bachelor" airs Mondays on ABC.