An 86-hour ordeal in a borewell culminated into a tragedy for five-year old Mahi, who was confirmed dead following her rescue from the 70-feet pit she had fallen into, on Wednesday.

Rescue teams on Sunday (June 24) managed to recover the body of the little girl from the pit and immediately rushed her into an ambulance which carried her away to a hospital.

Minutes after her rescue, Mahi 's health conditions were not ascertained. Shortly after, Gurgaon District Magistrate PC Meena released a statement that confirmed Mahi's death.

"Mahi has been pulled out from the borewell... She is dead," Meena said.

On the night of her fifth birthday celebration on Wednesday, the little girl was reported to have slipped into the deep pit located near her house in Kho village near Gurgaon, Haryana. A massive rescue operation was launched, and military jawans were also pressed into service. Parallel tunnels were dug in order to reach the girl, who displayed no signs of movement for the past two days.

On Saturday night, rescuers had finally managed to break a hard rock that separated them from the little girl. Though oxygen was supplied into the pit at regular intervals, Mahi may have succumbed to her death owing to lack of food and water.