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ABC's "Baby Daddy" will air episode 18 of season 4 titled "Parental Guidance" on Wednesday, 8 July, which coincides with ABC's "Flash Forward Wednesday".

In "Parental Guidance", the Wheelers will see a glimpse of their own future, which makes them reassess their lives.

Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) especially has a hard time dealing with what he thinks would be the future of his daughter Emma, after he gets the feeling he might not be as healthy as he thought he was.

In "Parental Guidance", Ben takes Emma to his old paediatrician for a check-up and realises that he hasn't taken a ckeck-up in a long time.

His medical check-up reveals there may be a little something he should be worried about. He panics about who would take care of Emma, if something happens to him.

He is stressed about what he thinks would happen to her, if his mother Bonnie (Melissa Peterman), brother Danny (Derek Theler) and his best friend Tucker (Tahj Mowry) were to raise her. 

He realises that if something were to happen to him, he would want Riley (Chelsea Kane) to take care of Emma. However, Riley has some serious doubts when it comes to her maternal skills. Also, from the "Flash Forward" promo, it looks like Riley is still hung up on Danny, with whom she sees a future.

Meanwhile, Bonnie has lunch with her ex-boyfriend Brad (Peter Porte) believing he was his twin brother Tad, and comes to the realisation that she is still in love with Brad. However, when Brad reveals his true identity to Bonnie, she says she cannot be with him, because he is still so deceitful and playing games with her.

The plot for "Parental Guidance" also says that "a flash mob yields a very surprising twist". From the promo, it looks like a clue for Brad proposing to Bonnie. However, fans will have to wait till 8.30 pm (EST) on Wednesday, 8 July for the truth to be revealed of ABC.