The second trailer of SS Rajamouli's "Baahubali - The Beginning", which was released on YouTube on 6 July, has been viewed more than 1,223,520 times, and the viewers have praised the amazing work of the film's unit.

The 1.12-minute-long preview trailer of "Baahubali - The Beginning" offers a glimpse into the panoramic view of an idyllic world, exotic waterfall, a palatial royal complex. Apart from a few scenes that were also featured in the first trailer, the video includes some fresh scenes and provides more clues about the characters played by Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty and others.

This new video of "Baahubali - The Beginning" seems to be focusing on its rich production values than its characterisation. English song "It's Been So Long" plays in the background at the beginning of the video, and this shows that the trailer is aimed at the global audience.

"Baahubali - The Beginning" has already garnered a lot of attention, making movie buffs curious about the plot of the flick. The second video has taken the craze to a new level. The viewers have said they are eagerly wait for the release of this period film, which is slated to hit the screens on 10 July.

The new preview video has got 5,400 thumbs up, 230 thumbs down and over 765 comments from the viewers and most of these comments are positive and express viewers' excitement over watching the film. Here are some unique comments:

Phaniraj Patel

I've been destroying the replay button from past 3 hrs...playing, pausing every sec and drooling over the characters and visuals...

Bhanu Theja Pallapothu

I seriously never thought I would see an Indian movie on this level of visuals.. real proud and hats off to Sir SS Rajamouli What a great visionary you are. After the Epic first trailer the rest were all okay, but this one even topped the first one.


Wow, I'm stunned. I'm a great fan of Hollywood VFX. But, this is not any below than that. Hats off to all the creators for making Tollywood and especially Indian cinema proud.

Vinay Varma

Hollywood here we are this is called indian cinema Hatsofff rajamouli unstoppable goosebumps

Avinash Perla

I have downloaded and watched every frame by pausing. Only one word comes to my mind marvelous. Only Rajamouli is capable of making such movie. Pause at 01:04 that one shot will show you the greatness of the movie.

Sashi Dhar

visuals r just mindblowing.. Never thought our Telugu cinema could show such a thing on big screen. This shows the capability of Telugu film industry.. Jai mahishmathi

Only for you

I was going through the comment section. Few were commenting on the level of graphics etc, but we guys are comparing it with hollywood, who's budget is way way away from the budget bahubali made from... avatar - 1500 crores, Troy -1200 crores, Bahubali -150 crores, I would say this is a great work from SS Rajamouli and team for creating such a great movie in the given budget.... So, guys please do not compare it with hollywood movies... just enjoy the show...

Shiva Sai Prasad

That's one hell of a trailer man,,, dis might b the best graphical movie in india until nw,,,,can wait until 10th ,,awesome work by rajamouli sir ,,hatsoff to u,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!