Prabhas as 'Shivudu'Twitter/ SS Rajamouli

"Sivuni Aana", the first full song from SS Rajamouli's movie "Baahubali", was released on YouTube on 10 June, and it received positive reviews from music lovers across the globe.

The song has been composed by MM Keeravaani, who has crooned the track with singer Mounima. Inaganti Sundar has written the lyrics for this soundtrack. Music label Lahari Music, which has reportedly bought the music rights of "Baahubali", revealed the song on its official YouTube channel, which has 48,063 subscribers.

"Sivuni Aana" has got superb response from music lovers and it has been listened to by 1,55,124 people within 12 hours of its release. It has got 2,569 thumbs up, 194 thumbs down and 200 comments. Most of them are impressed with the song, while some feel that it would have been better if the makers had roped in other singers like SP Balasubrahmanyam, Kailash Kher, AR Rahman or Ghibran instead of MM Keeravani.

Here are some unique comments of music lovers posted on YouTube after listening the song "Sivuni Aana".

Sathvik Rachakulla

You know that warm feeling in your heart when Greatness is about to happen?!! Yeah,this is greatness right here and it doesnt get any better than this! Exquisitely sets up the movie. MM Keeravani ARIPINCHAAV,hope the other songs match this tempo!!

Chaman Charlie

What a lovely song! I can already imagine the visuals of Prabhas (Shivudu) carrying the huge Shivalingam when this song plays in the background! :)

Don Dattu

On again proved.. Keeravani the king of music.. really the song is at expected range..

Adi Reddy

Hats off to KEERAVANI Sir, Mind-blow lyrics & singing ☺ Best of luck all team-members BAAHUBALI

Everybody Wants Gopi

The first thing awesome lyrics by INAGANTI SUNDAR sir hats off you sir.. 2nd thing keeravani sir music U0001f3b6 really great music sir...


First, Shiva Tandava Stotranni chala kothaga tune chesaru. Nice to hear. Oka pakka stotram and madhyalo song lyrics baagunnay.. "Ye talliki puttado ee nandi kaani nandi... & ... Shivuni aana ayyindemo, gangga dariki, lingame kadilosthaa undi...(Prabhas lingam pattukoni velthunna poster ki justification)". Awesome!!

Shiva Pinumalla

Everything is outstanding.............. but ilanti high pitch voices ki kailash kheer voice perfect ga set avuthundhi....imagine e song kailash keer padithe ela untundho

Sai Gowtham

Excellent song and lyrics .but ruined by keeravaani voice..his voice doesn't fit the bill. SP balu might be ideal for this beautiful song.

Rajshekhar K

Pretty average song... and more over Keervani's voice killed it further. Should have asked Rahman or Ghibran for this album :(


Lovely song, beautiful composition. Just wish it was sung by some other singer rather than Keeravani garu. Please don't take it as an ego issue & get it recorded again with somewhere singer, preferably Balu garu, but anyone else will do too.

Sai Tej

Song is good. Sound's a little bit like a song from annamayya(musina muthyaalake) but that's not a big deal. If this suit's the tone of the movie, not a problem at all. It would have been great if someone other than keervani sang this song but anyways, good job keervani garu

Madhukumar Talaari

Epic composition!! Any other discussion other than agreeing this is a master piece is waste of time...ppl commenting on choice of singer should understand that the makers i.e., the director n music composer knows better that who should sing it... It's totally pointless even if a grt singer best of the world sings this song and .doesn't sync with the movie... So listeners should leave the choice to those who put their heart n soul n blood n flesh into the movie and just enjoy what they offered us....

Suresh Kumar

Amazing Soundtrack, Wondering how the visuals are going to be for this particular track! and people, could you please hold your judgement back until you actually see the movie, I'm sure the makers won't decide on any random singer or a random composition just for the sake of it. Wait till you see the movie, I'm pretty sure everything will be just perfect! :)

Teja Yenda

I don't understand why people are not happy with Keeravani gaaru's voice. His voice is one of the mesmerising voices and you can feel some music in his voice as well. One of my favourite voices is Keeravani and he never had any album without his song which was always worked and of course, every music director wants to have at least one song of his/her voice.. I really liked it sir.. Thanks for a wonderful composition.. Waiting Saturday for the full album :)

Here is the song "Sivani Aana". Listen to it and leave your opinions in the comments box below: