The much-awaited film "Baahubali", which is also spelled as "Bahubali", has opened to fairly positive reviews on Friday, 10 July. The multilingual movie is directed by SS Rajamouli. 

Rana Daggubati at 'Baahubali' Special Screening | Take a Look at Mad Rush for Buying Tickets

Tamil and Telugu movie stars Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty and Tamanna Bhatia feature in the lead roles, and it is a war-fiction revenge drama made on an astronomical budget. Sathyaraj, Nassar, Ramya Krishnan, Kiccha Sudeep and many others are in the cast. 

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It has MM Keeravani's music, Senthil Kumar's cinematography and Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao's editing.

"Baahubali" is made in two parts, of which the first installment was released overseas on Thursday evening, 9 July. It is not the story rather the making has drawn the nation's attention with some of the reputed journalists calling it as an Indian answer to Hollywood's celebrated movies like "Gladiator" and "300".

Shivudu (Prabhas) is raised by a tribe and he does not know of his past. But he is blessed with some mind-blowing skills by birth. As his fate has it, he falls in love with Avanthika (Tamanna Bhatia), whose tribe is in a mission to bail out Devasena (Anushka Shetty) from a crisis. Shivudu join hands with them and enters Mahishmati Kingdom which surprises him with his past. What happens then forms the interesting part of the story.

The Tamil audience on Twitter have praised "Baahubali" to heavens. Even though the film is dragging at parts, the overall quality and the war sequences in the final stage of the movie make it must watch film. Performance wise, Prabhas and Rana Daggubati shine, Tamanna steals the show in first half and Ramya Krishnan is brilliant in her supporting role. Below, we bring you their posts:

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3.5

Sreedhar Pillai Tweeted
Just watched #Baahubali, blown away @ssrajamouli's vision & visuals, devotion 4 perfection of all its actors and making. Fab in #DolbyAtmos
#Baahubali 3.5/5.Hard work,passion & devotion of @ssrajamouli is there in every frame. Amarchitra Katha style story laced with superb CGI.
#Baahubali 3.5/5 Excellent VFX, awesome battle scenes, including catapults that throw boulders & array of medieval weapons, top notch camera
#Baahubali 3.5/5/5 Technically 1 of best Indian films- Thumbs up 2 Sabu Cyril, KK Senthil Kumar, MM Keeravani, Peter Haines & Srinivas Mohan
#Baahubali 3.5/5. #Prabhas is riveting, Perfect in action & that smile. @RanaDaggubati 's best role till date with that deadly menacing look
#Baahubali 3.5/5 @tamannaahspeaks What a role,scene when she discovers the woman inside her done so subtly. #Anushka brave & daring look.
Baahubali 3.5/5 #Sathyaraj pivot around which film revolves, #Nassar the leering villain & #RamyaKrishnan Awesome best role since #Padyappa.
##Baahubali 3.5/5. Downside -Director seems 2 b preoccupied with his making than storytelling,flashback could have been over in part 1.

Surendhar MK Posted
#Baahubali: The final revelation is not up to the mark. The abstract third-act can be reasonably predictable for wide-eyed viewers.
#Baahubali: The slicing machetes & swinging hammers that render cinematic bloodbaths are captured brilliantly in Senthil's cinematography.
#Baahubali: In first half,the character-establishment is poorly conceived with largely uninteresting sequences save alone the interval block
#Baahubali: Tamannah, for most parts, is a fish out of water compared to the other supporting cast who shine with and without armor.
#Baahubali: The first half is a complete downer, save alone the pre-interval sequence that intensifies the expectations for the second half.
#Baahubali: SSR's valorous attempt to transform Vijayendra Prasad's writing into idyllic set-pieces is highly commendable.

Dhananjayan Govind Posted
#Baahubali is an epic film matching Hollywood standards. Amazing making. Loved every minute of creativity from @ssrajamouli garu. Enjo

Ramesh Tweeted
#Baahubali [3.75/5]: #Anushka 's role is small in Part-I.. @meramyakrishnan as #Sivagami is her best role after #Padayappa..
#Baahubali [3.75/5]: @tamannaahspeaks makes an Angel like entry.. Excels in action sequences.. This is a Milestone movie in terms of acting
#Baahubali [3.75/5]: @RanaDaggubati has performed well too.. Expect to see him more in Part-II.. #Sathyaraj as Kattappa is a Show-Stealer..
#Baahubali [3.75/5] : #Prabhas rocks as Baahubali.. Highly impressive in war sequences.. Non-stop applause.. 2 yrs of hard work has paid off
#Baahubali [3.75/5] : An Outstanding Film.. Mighty impressed.. Great Characters.. An interesting storyline.. Grand Visuals.. Top notch Perf
#Baahubali 1st half belongs to @tamannaahspeaks - She looks gorgeous and impressive as Warrior Princess..

Common Man Sathish Posted
#Baahubali - Felt like watching an Hollywood movie in our mother tongue. #Mass Redefined.. Sema interval block.
#Baahubali - No doubt, each shot was taken twice - Tamil & Telugu.. A Visual Treat..
‪#‎Baahubali‬ Second half - No Words.. Stunned.. Absolute Brilliance.. Class + Mass.. Long wait to watch awesome War Scene in Tamil Cinema gets fulfilled today.
‪#‎Baahubali‬ - Leaving aside Prabhas & Rana, Legendary Sathyaraj sir & Ramya Krishnan (after Padayappa) has got awesome characterization & they have rocked completely.
It is going to be Sathyaraj sir day. Absolutely stunned with his performance in ‪#‎Baahubali‬ & Jackson Durai First Look poster releasing around 6 PM will be a big surprise to Sathyaraj sir fans

Raisa Nasreen Posted
#Baahubali: whatee wow! Waiting for the 2nd half to begin.
#Baahubali: superb visuals! Loved the detailing! The war scene was phenomenal! Too bad part 2 releases only next year!
#Baahubali: Tamannaah katukita motha vithayum yerakitanga. Director I want more emotion from you nu solirkanga pola.

Smart Barani
Telugu ,Malayalam and Tamil version of #Baahubali released here .. I'm watching Tamil version and it's sold out @ssrajamouli
Now song so far good .. Graphics ... Thaaru maaru chance less..awesome
#Baahubali first half over .. Awesome cinematography and top notch vfx .. Specially horse , snake , bull and naasar right hand .. Awesome
Other vfx shots also too good . BGM is one of the biggest plus for the movie .. Little patience needed #Baahubali .. Waiting for second half
Ended movie with twist .. Second half fast screenplay #Baahubali #my view @ssrajamouli
If cinematography is not good .. Vfx would look bad .. So cinematographer of #baahubali done a very great job

IBNLive Movies Wrote
The hard-hitting, powerful, relatable dialogues of #Baahubali will make your cinematic experience just so memorable! Thanks @ssrajamouli
Goosebumps and #Baahubali seem to go hand in hand
#Baahubali relies heavily on showing and telling. This is storytelling at its finest. @ssrajamouli
#Baahubali is in some ways similar to the Mahabharat. Watch it to believe it. :) @ssrajamouli
It will be worth watching whether the sequel to #Baahubali lives up to the high standards set by it.

Niveda Manohar Tweeted
#Baahubali has been watched. Mind has been BLOWN.
Let me go collect the pieces.

Deepak Kanna Wrote
#Baahubali movie did not live up to the expectation.

Veturi Sarma Posted
The hallmark of a great movie - not a single member of the audience wanted to leave when the film ended #Baahubali n @ssrajamouli take a bow

Only Kollywood ‏Tweeted
#Baahubali Movie Review: A significant marker in Indian film-making.
#Baahubali - History been recreated by SSR & team.Now its our duty to show the support by watching it only in Cinemas
Half way thro #Baahubali. Lushly photographed with CGI-aided visuals. A splendid spectacle without any doubt. Spellbinding interval block.

Parag Chhapekar Wrote
speechless .what a film . huge .simply a visual treat #Bahubali take a bow @ssrajamouli @karanjohar @RanaDaggubati @prabhasraju .awasum

Fab Flickz Wrote
#Baahubali 1st half : Fantastic cinematography, grandeur making, well made VFX, but screenplay looks flat.
#Baahubali 2nd half : Fantastic. Last 45 mins war sequence was made well.

Haricharan Pudipeddi Posted
#Baahubali interval. Takes time to set the ball in motion but the extravagant visuals and sound make up for the lost time. Best yet to come
Only #Rajamouli can make a simple revenge saga as majestically engrossing as #Baahubali. Drags in the first half, but awe-inspiring in 2nd
#Baahubali extravagant visuals & great sound aside, it needed better writing, the kind that'll mak u beliv the film is more than just gloss
#Baahubali the 20 min war sequence in the second half is something Indian cinema hasn't witnessed so far. Brilliant.

$and€€p k@tr@gadd@ Posted
First half was avg but visuals are top notch second half war sequences never seen on Indian screen #Baahubali #LiveTheEpic

Suriya 24 Tweeted
#Baahubali.. Go without expectation
last 45 mins war visuals amazing...
Just an average flick

Muralidharan Wrote
Movie of the day #baahubali a beautifully-imagined fantasy landscape #ENTERTAINMENT #BoxOffice @ssrajamouli

Swagath Posted
#Baahubali - A Classic Masterpiece
Ultimate direction...!!
Bow to S S Rajamouli for making indian cinema proud..

Sangeetha devi Wrote
A hat tip to everyone who worked on #Baahubali The last 20-30 minutes of war sequences & Ramya Krishna were excellent.

Shreenivas ‏Tweeted
Just watched #Baahubali .. Truly an epic!! An extra show in Richmond due to the demand!

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