An ex-system administrator, who was the part of team of SS Rajamouli's magnum opus "Baahubali", was arrested after he allegedly leaked a 12-minute raw footage of the film on the internet.

The makers of Baahubali had recently registered a complaint at the City Cyber-Crime division in Hyderabad. "The producer of film 'Baahubali' lodged a complaint stating that 12-minute scenes of the movie were circulated illegally on the internet prior to the release of the movie and sought necessary action," deputy commissioner of police Ravi Varma told Deccan Chronicle.

The team of "Baahubali" have also confirmed the news. "It was a real shock when we realised that 12 minutes of raw unfinished footage of a key sequence in our film was in the public domain. The last three weeks or so, since we came to know of it were really harrowing to all of us involved in the project. It has the potential to jeopardise the hard work put in by so many passionate people not to mention the huge financial risk," reads the makers' statement released to the media.

"An ex-system administrator, who was in-charge of all the data in one of the VFX firms working for us, had taken the content out of facility without anyone's knowledge or permission. He had in fact signed an NDA and a letter confirming that he had surrendered all confidential data while leaving the firm. There is very little that one can do when the very person entrusted with securing the content behaves irresponsibly. The City Cyber-Crime division has now arrested the person," the makers added.

The producers of "Baahubali" have praised and thanked the fans, for bringing the leak to their notice. "We really appreciate the efforts of our well wishers and fans especially in Tanuku and Bhimavaram who went out of their way to first bring this matter to our notice and also identify the source of the leak," the producer said.

They have requested all the film goers not to share the link of the video in case they find it on any site. "We are making every effort to ensure that the leaked content is not in the public domain. We would be grateful if you can cooperate with us in this effort. We request you not to share the content and report any links on internet or social media to," they added.