Ayushmann Khurrana's wife, Tahira has revealed how the actor drank her breastmilk during their trip to Bangkok. Tahira shared an excerpt from her book - The 7 Sins Of Being A Mother - and revealed how Ayushmann mixed her breastmilk with his protein shake.

It all happened when Tahira's baby was seven months old and she decided to take a quick vacation in Bangkok with her husband, leaving the baby with her parents.

Tahira and ayushmann
Tahira and ayushmann

Ayushmann gulping breastmilk

Tahira revealed that since she was lactating, she expressed several bottles of milk before leaving the baby. She gave all the bottles to her parents. But, before she could board the flight, her mother told her that the milk had gotten over. Tahira kept expressing her breastmilk throughout the flight and on the trip too. When she did the same in the hotel, after some time she just found the milk bottle empty.

She revealed how Ayushmann had gulped the milk. "My boy (Ayushmann) was relaxing in the bedroom having his protein shake. I asked him about the curious case of the missing breast milk and he smirked while chugging his shake and wiping his milk moustache. His only response was tht it had the perfect temperature, was highly nutritious and blended perfectly with his protein shake. Yikes!"

"My boy (Ayushmann) was already living up to his promise of making this trip memorable! Now each time I had to express during the trip, I hid the bottle from the gym-going, protein shake-drinking, breast milk-stealing freak," she further wrote.

Tahira Kashyap
Tahira KashyapSocial media

Tahira's fight with breast cancer

Tahira Kashyap was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She not only fought the deadly disease bravely but also inspired millions with her motivating story. "Younger age at times also doesn't help. Do not become an ostrich if you feel something is wrong. The wrong only gets detected timely if you take action towards it," she wrote on social media recently.