Ayman Assi
Ayman Assi

Thriving entrepreneur, Ayman Assi was only 20 years old when he moved from Lebanon to London. Acclimatizing to the foreign culture and way of life was a difficult task however the impetus to work hard kept Ayman engrossed in his job as a Kitchen Porter. The continuous and persistent struggle made Ayman realize that his true calling resided in entrepreneurship and not as an employed worker at a particular job.

Several promotions and switches later, Ayman proposed the idea of starting a business to his fellow partners. The idea was simple and executable - selling and delivering dairy products like cheese and strained yogurt - and soon it flourished as well. However, brimming with the hope of owning a business alone, he let his partners take over the dairy business while he worked on different ventures.

He began a restaurant business, which failed drastically, bringing Ayman from sky-high to rock-bottom. He now owed an insurmountable debt and had no employment to pay it back. However, his steadfast resilience did not let him lose hope and he decided to work as a Valet in a Valet Parking Service. Gradually, he made his footing firm and launched a Car Rental Service. His Car Rental Service opened his doors to garner new clients and soon he established a Concierge Company called Amerald UK, which became the source of immense fame and success for Ayman and he prospered as an entrepreneur.

Ayman realized that in London, there were not many food outlets serving Lebanese food and delights, hence he opened his restaurant called Beit El Zaytoun - which literally speaking, translates to "The House of Olives". At his restaurant, Assi serves traditional yet innovative Lebanese food like Lebanese pizza with thyme and cheese, Scrambled eggs with chopped grilled lamb, and much more. The ambiance and aroma of the place transport you to the Middle East and pays homage to the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean. Featuring live Lebanese music, a common Hookah Lounge, and an exclusive VIP lounge, Beit El Zaytoun is London's biggest Lebanese restaurant with the view of the Grand Union Canal.

Even with multiple businesses running, for Ayman, his top priorities lie in spending time and taking care of his family. An enthusiast and admirer of exotic cars, Ayman also ensures that he indulges in outdoor activities like swimming and biking as well while managing his hectic routine so that he stays fit and healthy.

Ayman Assi is an inspiration to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs. His refusal to give up after failure reinforces the importance of persistence in the field of business. He did not let any adversary overpower his impetus to succeed, hence with continuous hard work and determination, he conquered all those summits that at one point, seemed insurmountable.