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Director Ravi Babu's Telugu film "Avunu 2" has hit screens across the globe on 3 April and has been receiving mixed reviews from the film goers.

"Avunu 2" is a horror-thriller, released as a sequel to "Avunu", which was released in 2012.

"Avunu" ended with Mohini (Poorna) and Harsha (Harshvardhan Rane) escaping the evil spirit of Captain Raju(Ravi Babu).

In "Avunu 2", they shift to a posh flat in the city and spending a happy life. One fine day, Captain Raju's spirit returns to haunt Mohini again. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

The sequel to "Avunu" has been produced by Ravi Babu and D Suresh Babu under Flying Frogs and Suresh Productions. Harshvardhan Rane and Poorna have played the lead roles, while Sanjana and Nikita Thukral play equally important roles. Filmmaker Ravi Babu has also played a key role in the film, which has Sekhar Chandra's music.

"Avunu 2" has sterling performances by lead actors and decent production values, but this suspense thriller has a routine and predictable plot, and lacks spooky moments, say the audience. The film might turn out to be boring for viewers, who have watched the original film, they add.

We bring you the unique Twitter comments of the audience. Here is the live update of "Avunu 2" movie review by viewers.

Jayanthrinkoo ‏@jayanth_rinkoo

Watched #Avunu2 movie 1st half bore 2nd half is gud climax was excellent on my view @harsha_actor and @shamna_kasim gave their best kudos :)

Nitin Chakravarthy @Nitinreddy1111

#Avunu2 cud hve been much better.The Script had so much potential but Ravibabu didnt make better use out of it,Watch it wid Low Expectations

Jagadish Appana @JagadishAppana

#Avunu2 is the sequel of horror story Avunu. It seems there is no end for this sequel. #Avunu2 has very good music affects to horrify telugu audience. But nothing more. it's not a great movie . But story touches about scientific concepts about paranormal activities at the same time belief in God. Those who did not watch avunu1 may enjoy #Avunu2. I don't dare to watch Avunu3 even if there is another sequel.

Praveen Kumar Reddy @praveen243

#Avunu2 first half OK....seems lengthy even though it is 55 minutes only

MovieMan @CinemaDevotee

Break time...I hardly found story in #Avunu2 #AvunuPart2 ... seems like a bad sequel to the hit film.

MEGA FAN @paparayudud

Prati scene expected, last lo scene copied from #UKUP @LakshmiManchu 's character #Avunu2

je t'aime Charan @Harysh_cherry

Torture #Avunu2. First half completed em ledu inka chillar bgm #Avunu2

Manoj Venky Sam ‏@manoj_victory

Avg first Half #Avunu2 overall Avg movie

Super★ ○n His ₩ay @Gowtham_Tejj

1st half ayindhi parledhu...

Sharath Sai @SharathsaiH

Endira ide deeni badulu poorna tho bf teeyaka poyava ra ravi babu. Sagam ayndi movie lo maatram em jargale. Poorna ni chustu kurchna Climax twist ithe daridramga friend gadu 1st half lo ne guess kotti aa koosintha thrill kuda migalakunda chesaadu #Avunu2