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As the release date of Avengers: Infinity War closes in, Joe and Anthony Russo are giving fans a (small) slice of the Marvel movie through interviews. Over the past few weeks, the directors have revealed that Infinity War is undoubtedly Thanos' movie.

A few weeks ago, they also revealed that Thor actor Chris Hemsworth has the longest screen time, after Thanos, in the movie. Now, the two filmmakers have revealed that there is one particular Marvel superhero who has the closest connection to the Mad Titan.

Talking to Telegraph India, Joe Russo revealed that Iron Man aka Tony Stark shares a close connection with the villain of the movie. "It's all the heroes. I think he has the most specific connection to Tony because Tony is a futurist, and he has predicted a threat like Thanos," Joe explained.

Avengers infinity war Iron Man
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"It's lived in his brain even though he couldn't name it. Tony is the most desperately driven, down to the core, to react against something like Thanos, although all the heroes will face a threat, no matter who it is or where it comes from. But I think this is intrinsic to Tony's psychology, and because Tony started it all with Iron Man, he has a special connection to the threat that's facing him," he added.

The directors not only teased Thanos and Iron Man, they spoke about his personal life relationships.

"The stakes of his relationship with Pepper (Potts) are very high now. Also the fact that he's had this mentor relationship with Peter Parker, it's as if his personal life is becoming fuller and more important to him than it ever had before. And that's an interesting counterpoint to his life as Iron Man, and also his life as Iron Man is a potential threat to that personal life as well. What's happening with Tony Stark in this film is that he's beginning to feel the tension between those two things, and that's a difficult conflict for him," Anthony Russo explained.

Iron Man in Avengers Infinity War
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Joe adds, "Tony is in a place where he harbours guilt about what happened. But I don't know if he's ready to forgive." He teases the movie and reveals that the makers refer to Infinity War as a "smash and grab heist movie."

"This movie is a ticking-clock film. Once it starts it doesn't stops until the end. Once Thanos starts collecting the stones, he's doing it with speed. So Tony doesn't have a lot of time to reflect. He only has time to act," Joe shares.

Avengers: Infinity War releases on April 27. Check out the trailer here: