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Avengers Endgame has brought an end to the much popular franchise, but its stars would not mind it considering the heavy paycheques they received for it. Robert Downey Jr tops the list.

A report has come out that revealed the salaries of Robert and other stars of Avengers Endgame. According to a report in Hollywood Reporter, Robert made an interesting contract with Marvel Studios by which his fees for Infinity War last year was around USD 75 million. If that was not enough, the actor charged USD 5 million per day for his 3-day shoot for Spider-Man Homecoming. The report stated that Robert total fee for Avengers Endgame is even higher than what he got for Infinity War.

The stars' salaries have been sealed taking future projects into consideration. Apart from collecting a heft cheque for Endgame, Scarlett Johansson is expected to get at least USD20 million for her upcoming stand-alone film in 2020.

Another much popular actor Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, signed a five-movie deal with Marvel Studios , renegotiated his deal for Infinity War and Endgame for a fee ranging from USD15 million to USD20 million. Chris Evans aka Captain America also comes under the same bracket.

Avengers Endgame has turned out to be one of the biggest blockbusters of all time. The movie has been dominating the box office not just in India but worldwide. With superb word of mouth, the superhero film has been breaking several box office records.