Chris Evans, Captain America, Avengers Infinity War
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Marvel fans are prepared to watch a few of their favourite Avengers exit in Avengers 4. It is speculated that Iron Man and Captain America might leave the franchise either through a devastating death or by walking away from their Avengers roles. 

While a recent fan theory suggested Iron Man would soar into the sky and never return, a new fan theory has decoded how Captain America's exit would pan out.

A popular belief suggests that Steve Rogers aka Captain America would die in the Avengers 4, but a Reddit user thinks that Steve Rogers will go on to live after his fight against Thanos but he will march back into time using the time travel device and stay there.

The fan theory reads:

"We are almost certain that the main premise of Avengers 4 will be time travel. Set pictures have shown us a modern day Tony Stark with a 2012 Battle of New York Steve Rogers.

Time travel is the most satisfying end to give to Captain America. Sending him back to the 1940's to meet Peggy, and giving him the life he never had back.

We don't know how time travel really works in the MCU, whether it's multiple timelines, universes, or one continuous timeline. If the latter is the case, Steve gets sent back after the events of Agent Carter and spends a quiet life with her but would pass away before 2012, so that Young Steve Rogers would wake up and meet Peggy during Winter Soldier while never meeting himself."

That does sound like a perfect ending (or rather the well-deserved second chance) to Cap's journey. The user also gives a fitting end to Bucky by saying, "Also maybe Bucky stays in modern day and takes up the Captain America mantle because there's nothing left for him back in the 40's and he feels he's found his place in the present," fuelling speculations that he could be the next Captain America following the events of Avengers 4. 

Fans will have to wait until May 3, 2019 to see how things pan out for the Avengers.