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Avengers 4 movie trailer is a few days away from its official release. The excitement level of all the fans is reaching the ceiling and there are few theories about Marvel's superheroes that is making the sequel to Infinity War one of the most anticipated superhero film of all time. Particularly, a theory about Dr. Strange's survival at the end.

In Avengers: Infinity War, fans got to see one of the deadliest scenes of any superhero movie. With all the superheroes going "dust" by the hands of Thanos, the climax sequence of Infinity War brought everyone at the edge of their seats. During the final scene of Infinity War, fans got to see how Dr. Strange gave Thanos the Soul Stone. Post that, the Mad Titan snatched the last stone by actually murdering Vision. After the failed attempt by Thor, Thanos truly wiped away half the population from the entire universe -- or so does he thinks.

Now, along with Peter Parker, Black Panther, and others, fans got to see how Benedict Cumberbatch's Dr. Strange also turned into dust. While Cumberbatch has teased his fans that he is not returning to Avengers 4, there is one fan theory that suggests that his character did not even die in the Infinity War.

As per a recent fan theory, posted on Reddit, a fan has pointed out how Dr. Strange might have survived after being snapped away by the Mad Titan.

"So I've been watching all the MCU movies in release order over the past month. I just got to Dr. Strange, and I've realized that there's either a large plot hole in Infinity War or that Strange, in fact, did not die in the snap," reads the latest fan theory.

Doctor Strange
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The fan further points out a scene from Dr. Strange movie in which the wounded doctor has a conversation with The Ancient One in which they talk about the astral form. In Dr. Strange's origin movie, The Ancient One points that no matter how much she looks ahead in time, she could never see beyond what is taking place at that particular moment. Following which, Strange counter questions her, "you think this is where you die?"

So as per the fan, "it's impossible to see a future past your death. Therefore, it would be impossible for Strange to view the 14,000,605 futures unless A) he never died in the snap. Or B) the Russo brothers missed this key detail."

"This theory of him not dying, but still turning into dust can support the idea of souls being trapped in the soul stone or quantum realm because if his soul lives he may still be able to see the futures past his 'death.' The ancient one says you can't see past your own death, but Strange does so in infinity war. Ergo, he didn't actually die."

The theory does sound intriguing just like the theory about Dr. Strange and Time Stone, and fans will have to wait till April 26, 2019, to see what actually happens with Dr. Strange and other superheroes.