US Police van

As the social media pressure mounts and the protests grow to vandalism in Pennsylvania over a black man shot dead by police, it's difficult to keep sentiments away from the situation. Or not to view the Lancaster police's action, of shooting an autistic black man, against the backdrop noise over Defund the Police movement.

A routine domestic disturbance call on Sunday afternoon led to police reporting at the house of Ricardo Munoz's mother around quarter past 4 p.m. It was reported that Ricardo Munoz, a 27 year old man, had become aggressive and was attempting to break into his mother's house, as per the Lancaster Bureau of Police.

In defence of the protests, the Lancaster Police released full bodycam footage from the officer involved shooting. In the, now viral, footage Ricardo can be seen running while brandishing a knife before being shot dead by the officer.

Autistic man's dead body lay uncovered for hours

The 27-year-old victim of the police encounter was left as it is with his body lying uncovered, on the ground, for hours. The incident created a furore on social media inviting extreme reactions. In any case, domestic abuse and wielding a knife are no grounds to die.

Echoing the general sentiment, posted Lisa Shannon, "The police are out of control. Not trained to properly handle the autistic/mentally ill." The police training definitely came to be questioned in the long thread of tweets. Writes Michelle Edwardson, "Most developed countries require at least 2 years of training for police. Some require Bachelor's degree. USA trains them in weeks. And we wonder why there is a problem. They are under prepared and some should never be accepted into a training program to begin with."

It was only a little over a fortnight ago that Kenosha shooting also sparked violent protests and celebrity reactions after Jacob Blake was killed at the hands of law enforcement individuals of the state. In the video footage of the incident as many as seven shots being fired can be heard.

The incident in question, itself came in the wake of Black Lives Matter. While the hashtag has now assumed the significance of nothing less than a global movement, clearly a lot more needs to be done for a lot many others too.