Audio Technica is adored mostly by audiophiles for its premium range of over-the-ear headphones and to be specific, the ATH MSR 7 increases the number of options for them. Though the MRP of the ATH MSR 7 is over Rs. 15,000, you can buy it online for about Rs. 14,000. 

For its price, the ATH MSR 7 comes attractively packaged and bundled with a faux leather-based pouch, a headset and 3 cables of different lengths to meet different needs.

The shortest cable features a microphone so that you can pair with your smartphone or with your laptop/desktop while playing a game. Featuring a standard 3.5mm port, the ATH MSR 7 supports a wide array of devices. The headband features a metal spring with a click-action for adjusting the height.

Measuring 10.2x5.1x16.5cm the 930g weight of the ATH MSR 7 might sound heavy, but the thick leather band and the perfectly crafted ear cups make it comfortable to use it for hours.

The headphone is available in two colours — Black and Tan Brown. We received the Tan Brown edition and simply loved it for its elegant finish. The outer part of the earcups features a chrome aluminium finish with a red lining on the bezel. 

The ATH MSR 7 boasts two 45mm True Motion audio drivers and a dual-layer air venting technology in the earcups. The True Motion drivers feature a decently responsive diaphragm, light weight voice coil and special dual acoustic resistors for delivering better audio.

Before coming to a conclusion on the performance, we burned the headphone 50 hours and then played songs across genres to notice the low, mid and high performance. The treble output was simply fantastic, especially in the lows and mids. The best part about the ATH MSR 7 is that it never exaggerates the sound quality, hence listening was a pleasant experience.

Bass on the high and mid is fantastic and so is the voice delivery. Low notes are crisp and precise with ample amount of treble. The ATH MSR 7 also deliberately separates each layer separately to impress audiophiles.

If you need more out of your headphone, our suggestion is buy a FiiO E06 portable headphone amplifier too for making your listening experience other-worldly.