Nara Rohith in Asura
Nara Rohith in AsuraTwitter

Telugu actor Nara Rohit, known for his experimental films, is back with "Asura", which has been released in theatres on 5 June. The film has garnered positive reviews from viewers. 

"Asura" is an action entertainer and has been written and directed by Krishna Vijay, and produced by Shyam Devabhaktuni.

Nara Rohit plays Jailer Dharma, while Priya Banerjee is his love interest. The film also has Madhu Singampalli, Satyadev, Bhanu, Ravi Varma and Rupa Devi in supporting cast. Sai Karthik has composed music for its soundtracks and background score.

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After watching the film, some viewers have shared their comments on Twitter. Nara Rohit's energetic performance as a dashing police officer is the highlight of the film. The action scenes and punch dialogues also add to the entertainment quotient of the film, which is slow and dragging in parts. Overall, it does not disappoint viewers.

Here is the live update of "Asura" movie review by viewers:

Suresh Kondi ‏@V6_Suresh

Interesting first half #Asura #Asura is superb thriller..Nara Rohith always tries different movies.he succeeded this time.Go and watch this Interesting Thriller..!! Liked the dialogues and climax twist.!! Newbie Krishna Vijay Here to stay.Must watch for Movie lovers.Congrats Rohith,@TheRealPriya & team. We should encourage these kind of different Cinema Rather than Routine cheap comedy films.. #Tollywood #Asura.

Avad's ‏@avadsays

Once again Nara Rohit proves his taste for different cinema. #Asura is a well made gripping thriller with great performances

VamsiKaka ‏@vamsikaka

Taut screenplay and interesting plot. A 2 hr power-packed action entertainer #Asura

Meher Kilaru ‏@Kilaruness

#NaraRohit @TheRealPriya 's #Asura is the most INTENSE Telugu film in recent times. THIS... is the NEW era of Telugu Cinema... :) #Winner Best interval block since #1Nenokkadine. Grt BG score, fab dialogues, finest performances, top class writing (climax esp) @TheRealPriya #Asura is Rohith anna's show all d way. His career best. @TheRealPriya ws cute. Really luvd her lip sync for those Telugu dialogues. Perfect

Rahul Reddy N ‏@itsmerahulreddy

First half average n second above average,another Average film like rowdy fellow..slow movie but interval scene and climax are gud #Asura

Vinay kumar ‏@vinaykumarrrrrr

All songs of this #Asura are nice. Also, movie looks promising.

Urstrulysreechowdary ‏@urssreechowdary

#Nararohit #Asura Review My rating and review 3.25 /5.. Nara Rohit once again acted as a powerful cop in Asura movie. Rohith performed well

Betraai saami Devuda ‏@kalyan_jaya

Done with firstoff...... Wohhhhh @TheRealPriya ur screen Presence Damn Good.. Pagal hogaya #asura rocking

Ani Kanneganti

Watched ASURA. Loved the way Rohith performed N impressed with krishna vijay's honest writing✒ A superhit material. congrats to d team Especially the interval n climax episodes r awesome. Don't miss this film has a different story line.‪#‎ASURA

Raja Narendra ‏@Raja_4444

#ASURA interval bang and climax scenes adiripoyai

Mahesh S Koneru ‏@smkoneru

#Asura ..Superb interval block ..Nice police thriller if the 2nd half holds up ..Live updates Unexpected and clever climax , #Asura .. Good thriller .. Tight run time of 2hrs 12 mins is an asset..

Sanjana ‏@s_cutiepie

Im glad tht i saw a muvi whch is different than normal mainstream tollywood muvis, #Asura the thriller ws too gud. Luvd it.. !

Deepak ‏@Deepuzoomout

Interval #Asura ,intense drama,new of its kind. Interesting so far.Writing & characters should've been great. Still a powerful interval bang "Kothaga try chesaru, encourage cheyandi" category lo nilichipoddi, btw Bgm baga ichadu.. #Asura

Aravind Balaji ‏@aravindbalaji25

#Asura Mve Bagunde Different Kind Of Film,One Needs To Appreciate Nara Rohith For His Story Selection

R@vi.Nfan ‏@RaviAKP

Interesting 1st half... #Asura Gud 1st half followed predictable 2nd half with gud climax.. Watchable #Asura to people who enjoy diff attempt Body Weight meda care tesukunte oka hero ki kavalsna ani qualities full ga una hero #NaraRohith.. Banam, Solo, Pratinidhi, RF now Asura